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Apex Girls Preseason Showcase

Saturday all-stars

Lily Spinner - MVP
Ashley Greene
Pheobe Spaeth
Angela Beardsley
MJ Santa Barbara
Holly Newman
Chiara Scichilone
Mary Moore
Sydney Puntus
Jillian Gangaram
Madelyn Lyle
Ceceilia Webb
Camille Thomas - GMVP
Carlie Desimone
Teagan Ryan
Naomi Kahney
Caroline Marotta
Kaley Kakac
Camryn Calabro
Madeline Johnson
Nicole Giannakopoulos
Lilly Kelley
Hannah Lewis
Katherine Baseggio
Brooke Meltcher
Madilyn Wargo - GMVP

Sunday all-stars

Meghan Theofield
Isabel Burke
Hailey O’Donoghue
Hana Yang
Sadie carpenter
Lily Kuhn
Betty Boatwright
Margot Johnson
Ellrose Hanlon - MVP
Olivia Corradi
Sydney Saba
Izzy Iorii
Ainsley Burke
Ella Dudley
Sophia Knoblock
Annica Lam
Kiki Rotay
Gracie Burke
Arianna Burns
Maggie Hance
Meghan Hogan
Shanti Sapkota
Neva Williams

Wakelee - GMVP

Get Your Head in the Game, Be Ready For Your Season

The Apex Preseason Showcase is a unique, 1 day experience that will help get your head in the right place for the spring. It's been a long time since you played your last game, come to the Preseason Showcase to get back into the swing of things with our world class staff and event curriculum. 

Prepare and PREVAIL!

The Preseason Showcase is one-of-a-kind, in the way that players will be prepared, coached, and mentored by the best in the game. We could not be more excited for the Spring season, therefore we figured we would kick it off a few weeks early! 

3 Sessions, 1 Day

The Preseason showcase will be split into three different 2+ hr sessions. Each session will have a specific focus and a reason. 

Morning Session = High level positional work in small groups
Afternoon Session = Team Concepts; e.g. Offensive Sets, Defensive Sets, Riding and Clearing 
Evening Session = Gameplay and Scrimmages

Instruction from Best Players in the World

Need to get brushed up on offensive sets? Need to go over defensive concepts? Our staff of the best players in the world will help refresh your memory so you are ready for your season. 

Kylie Ohlmiller - WPLL Fight, Founder KO17
Lauren Murray  - WPLL Pride
Lauren Lea - WPLL Fight


Each player will receive game film from the evening session free of charge through ConnectLax. Each player will get 2-3 games. This will be extremely helpful in recruiting and getting ready for the preseason! 

Kylie Ohlmiller
Team USA, WPLL Fight, KO17 Founder

Lauren Murray

WPLL Pride

Lauren Lea

WPLL Flight


Hudson Sports Complex
Warwick, NY 


2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 Sold Out
We will cap this event at 60 Players Per Grade!


March 20th: 2023s & 2024s - SOLD OUT
March 21st: 2022s & 2021s



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Apex Lacrosse Events believes in creating lacrosse experiences that players and families enjoy. We create events that focus on the game and why players play. Our goal is to create experiences that help athletes grow and reach their goals.

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