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Apex 60 Preview: 5 Players to Watch in the 2021s & 2022s

By Jake Nordhausen, 07/15/20, 6:15PM EDT



The first thing that may strike you about Stiller is his size, but what really catches your attention is his athleticism. He has the ability to close the gap on a ball carrier and apply pressure without missing a step(1:06). Stiller has a range of checks in his wheelhouse, and is constantly in the opposing player's hands. His ability on the field is not limited to the defensive end, and it shows when he makes clean pickup’s of the turf and pushes transition(0:36). Stiller possesses many traits of a standout close defenseman at the D1 level and should be on coaches radars.

Christian Reboul - 2021, Goalie, Boneyard LC, Avon Old Farms

In net, Reboul shows an immense amount of poise in his play. Taking up the net with his size and strong stance he excels at shutting down shooters with seemingly simple finishes on the doorstep (3:25). Reboul displays his ability in his hand speed and explosive step to the ball. Breakways for the opposing team continually get shut down by “routine” saves for the netminder(1:38). His ability to make a save and find the open man breaking up the field seems almost automatic. This goalie looks to have all the makings of a top level player set to lead a defense.

Charlie Stoner - 2022, LSM, Trilogy, Columbus Academy

As soon as Stoner steps on the field he makes his presence known. Stoner is a ballhawk all over the field, and coming off the wing he makes ground balls look like drillwork. He excels in picking up ground balls in traffic and getting the ball up the field(4:17). Displaying his high motor on both sides of the field Stoner seems to never drop his pace. He constantly stays on defenders hands while being disciplined enough to not over pursue(3:09). Also not afraid to use his body Stoner seems to be a promising prospect to take another look at.

Isaac Korus- 2022, Midfield Primetime, Taft School

Watch Korus play on one possession and you can see just how talented this midfielder is. Korus seems to be in another league athletically while slicing through defenses with ease. Defenders are lucky to get hands on Korus before he can get a shot off on the run (0:14). Showing high level stick skills in both hands Korus seamlessly switches hands while blowing past defenders. If Korus can get set up for a long dodge there is almost no way you can stop him from getting a good look at the cage(3:03). The qualities that Korus possesses make him an ideal two-way midfielder for any top level D1 program.    

Liam Sargent - 2021, Attack/Midfield, The Lawrenceville School, FLG

Mostly operating from behind the cage, Sargent shows why he demands respect from defenders by utilizing strong change of direction dodges. Sargents slick stick enables him to pull off moves from X that are truly highlight worthy(0:22). Equally strong and confident with both hands he has the ability to push up the hash with options. Sargent really becomes a force when he demonstrates his vision. Tracking defensive slides Sargent frequently pics apart defense by drawing defenders out of position(2:07). Frequently hustling to ride the ball back Sargent is never slowing down and should be garnering more interest as he continues to perform at a high level.

Stay Tuned for our Preview of the 2023s and 2024s Next!

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