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Apex 60 Preview: 5 Players to Watch in the 2023's

By Jake Nordhausen, 07/20/20, 11:30AM EDT


Miles Malawer - 2023, Attack, Potomac School

Reminiscent of a quarterback on the football field, Malawer has a way of breaking down defenses. When setting up behind Malawar is capable of blowing by short sticks and turning the corner with ease(0:32). Despite being a strong dodging threat his true strength is his vision of the field. Malawar keeps his eyes up while dodging allowing him to be successful finding open players after drawing slides. Even without getting another defender to commit to him he shows he has the precision passing to find open cutters(1:55). Throw in his non stop hustle on the ride and this kid looks to have a lot of the makings of a top level collegiate attackman.

Trey Brown - 2023, Defense, Blue Star Lacrosse, Westfield

A good defender can shut down and attackmen without even throwing a check, and Brown plays like one of those defenders. He is fundamentally sound in his stance despite being tall and rangy at 6’3. Brown has excellent footwork and stick presence on his approaches making him a strong deterrent for dodging threats. Great off the ground Brown pushes transition well and has the stick skills to back it up. He is a young player, but he has shown the ability to command a defense and understand high level lacrosse concepts and theory. Brown has a high ceiling and is only going to improve as he heads into his sophomore year. 

Andrew Spradley - 2023, Goalie, NC Fusion Red, North Guilford High School

Spradley may be a young goaltender, but he shows the qualities and traits of a seasoned veteran. He consistently communicates to defenders on where to position themselves for help defense and is hyper aware while the ball is on his end of the field. Inside five yards, Spradley shows off his athleticism and strength in the net (0:18). Marked by excellent position on the pipes he excels in forcing shooters into taking poor shots with not much cage exposed. This is exemplified when Spradley deals with shooters on the run(1:57). If Spradley continues to grow and develop his game the transition from high school to the collegiate level should be one with ease. 

Vincent Ferrara - 2023, Middie, Patriot Elite, Delbarton High School

When given space to operate out of the middle of the field Ferrara becomes a threat to almost any defense. He showcases his strength on the field with his ability to set up defenders on long dodges. Once downhill on the opposing defender Ferrara needs to make only one strong split and he is off to the races. Demonstrating a strong right handed shot on the run Ferrara makes it difficult for goalies to track the ball(1:35). The other strong aspect of his game that stands out is his offball positioning. When not initiating the offense Ferrara often places himself in a spot vacated by the defense and presents himself as an open target( 2:36). Ferrara is a strong athletic attackman with high mental acuity who is separating himself from his peers. 

Sam McAvoy - 2023, Middie, VLC, Lake Braddock Secondary School

Playing out of the midfield, McAvoy should be initiating for his team on any possession he can because chances are it will lead to an open look. McAvoy is shifty, quick, and is definitely not afraid to make contact with defenders. Typically dodging from the high wing he sports a fundamental overhand shot that makes goals look routine(1:11). McAvoy also has high utility in wing play. He has shown strong ability in running through ground balls and pushing unsettled defenses which lead to some incredible finishes(0:18). Mcavoy fits the bill of a college midfielder with a high motor, and should be a player to keep an eye out for in the coming months of events.

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