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Apex 60 Preview: 4 Goalies to Watch in the 2021 Class

By Jake Nordhausen, 07/26/20, 6:30PM EDT


Collin Kuester 2021, Goalie, Rebels LC, Manhasset High school

Displaying confidence in and out of the net, Kuester is tough to deal with as an offensive player. The first thing you will notice about Kuester is his technically sound stance. Once in his stance and prepared for a shooter Kuester shows off his quick hands by making eye grabbing saves, but his true strength is his ability to reset. Kuester looks clinical with his ability to track a rebound off a save and stonewall another shot(1:36). Another reason that Kuester catches the eye is his willingness to sell out for GBs. Regularly you can see him chasing a loose ball around the crease and coming up with it. Combine his effort on the ground with his technical skill and he can impress any coach(2:20). Kuester seems to be a strong goalie that a defense can rally behind at the D1 level. 

Mitch Likins 2021, Goalie, West Coast Starz, La Costa Canyon HS

Shooters will struggle to finish shots inside on Likins as he seems athletic enough to save everything they throw his way. Likins looks relaxed in goal, yet displays a strong stance and positioning. His athleticism shows in his incredible saves in close. Likins is at his best when these saves turn into seamless transition with his ability to make accurate outlet passes(0:29). Defending against shooters coming up the hash is another area where Likins shines. Always knowing how much to come off the pipe, Likins eats up the cage and baits poor shots from offensive players(1:33). Likin’s raw inside ability alone should be enough to get D1 coaches attention.

Brodie Taweel 2021, Goalie, ADVNC Lacrosse, Sacred Heart Preparatory(Atherton, CA)

Taweel seems to be a commander on the defensive side of the field. He is a strong communicator and even points defenders to spots attempting to establish support offball. Complement his frame with his maturity and Taweel becomes a force  in net. Using his large frame, Taweel leaves shooters with little room to work with and often shuts them down with ease inside(1:26). His ability is not limited to inside saves as he frequently displays patience in tracking shooters' sticks from the outside. Taweel has great vision and is always finding midfielders breaking up the field. With all the makings of a top goaltender, Taweel seems to be a talented keeper who can definitely make the transition to the Division 1 level.

Joshua Gottschalk 2021, Goalie, CT Oilers, St. Joseph HS

Standing at 6’4 and weighing 180 pounds, Gottschalk’s frame doesn’t slow him down one bit. He shows poise in goal and makes saves look like goalie warm ups. Gottschalk is explosive, yet smooth with his hands. Surefire breakaway goals become momentum swings for the defense as Gottschalk halts would be finishers(0:39). His athletic ability is further exemplified with his saves on shots to the low corners. Time and again Gottschalk makes athletic split saves despite being so tall and lenghty(1:42). With a little skill work Gottschalk should become an impact player at the D1 Level. 

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