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Apex Local Warwick Standouts & Photos

By Jake Nordhausen, 09/15/20, 9:00PM EDT


Matthew Barraco, 2022, Headstrong Lacrosse, Parkland HS (PA)
James David, 2022, Defense, True Blue Lacrosse, Bethpage HS (NY)
Ryan Connelley, 2023, Attack, Eclipse CT, New Canaan (CT)
Ryan Boyd, 2022 Goalie, STEPS, Chatham (NJ)
Vito Debellis, 2022, Goalie, Predators, Yorktown (NY)
Michael Piraino, 2022, Defense, Team United, Half Hollow Hills East (NY)
Brian Kelly, 2021, Attack, Albany Power, Albany Academy (NY)
Colin Wakefield, 2022,Midfield, Bucks Select, LaSalle College HS (PA)

Vincent Gross, 2021, Midfield, Gorillas Lacrosse, Wellesley HS (MA)

Matthew Barraco, 2022, Faceoff, Headstrong Lacrosse , Parkland HS

Barraco has grown tremendously in skill over the last month since the Apex 60 All Star game. This sunday Barraco Dominated at the faceoff X, and all over the middle of the field. Barraco excelled at getting clean exits by pushing the ball forward. Always keeping his head up, Barraco can find the open man on the break(0:52) or put the ball away with a strong overhand finish(0:10). Barraco has a high lacrosse IQ, accompanied with his top level stick skills and he looks to be a D1 Caliber faceoff man in the making.

James David, 2022, Defense, TrueBlue Lacrosse, Bethpage HS

David impressed Sunday with his innate understanding of the game. Whether it was directing slides or putting himself in correct help positions David was always in the right place at the right time. He was always extremely active on the defensive end never making it comfortable for his offensive counterpart. David was also very clean off the ground making easy transition for his team. Continued work on his offhand will propel him to a D1 Caliber recruit. 

Ryan Connelly, 2023, Attack, Eclipse Lacrosse, New Caanan HS

Operating like a quarterback from behind the goal, Connelly displayed the ability to find the open man or create offense for himself. Sunday Connelly showed off some top level change of direction moves. He was able to get his hands free at 5x5 almost at will. He also demonstrated some high level finishing techniques while wrapping around the cage. Using defenders as screens at GLE Connelly consistently buries inside attempts around the crease. Always moving off ball he frequently gets open looks on the backside. Connelly seems to be the whole package and checks all the boxes for a Collegiate coach. 

Ryan Boyd, 2022, Goalie, Steps Lacrosse, Chatham HS

Living up to his pre event evaluation Boyd looked in top form this Sunday. Boyd looked picture perfect in his stance, as he made saves look routine all over the field. Boyd impressed evaluators and coaches with his ability to reset and prepare for another volley of shots. He demonstrated patience in net and it translated to his clearing game. Boyd had crisp outlets and never forced a pass to a covered man(0:19). All signs point towards Boyd continuing to grow into a player ready to walk onto a campus at a D1 school and make an impact.

Vito Debellis, 2022, Goalie, Predators Lacrosse, Yorktown HS

Debellis commands the net, and his leadership is just the tip of the iceberg on upside for this ‘keeper. Constant communication is standard when the ball is on Debellis’ side of the field. His athleticism allows him to make some top level saves on the doorstep(2:46). Quick hands allow him to gather the save and get the ball up and out efficiently. Debellis brings energy in the net and looked like he could lead D1 defense successfully.

Colin Wakefield,2022, Midfield, Bucks Select, LaSalle College HS

Wakefield’s confidence never wavered this sunday as he set up his dodges from the top of the box. Sporting a heavy overhand shot with some heat, Wakefield was picking corners this weekend from all over the field. Operating out of the midfield, Wakefield made defenders miss with his quick change of direction moves.  Not limited to the offensive end, Evaluators noted hustle and game sense on the defensive side of the ball making him an ideal candidate as a two way midfielder at the D1 Level.

Micheal Piraino, 2022, Defense, Team United LI, Half Hollow Hills East HS

Once Piraino stepped onto the field the pressure never let up. Offensive players felt Piraino in their hands constantly. Due to his high motor and athleticism he can apply pressure without sacrificing position or getting to stick happy(0:25).  When broken down on approach and using his full stick length Piraino is hard to get around. Physical on the ball regardless of the size of the defender his confidence shows in his game. He has the athleticism and versatility in his game to be able to play both close defense and come off the wing. Overall Piraino seems to be a player any D1 coach would love to have on their roster.

Brian kelly, 2021, Attack, Albany Power, The Albany Academy

Always presenting himself in the perfect shooting spot, Kelly was able to pick corners at will this Sunday in Warwick. Kelly was noted for his high level of game sense which was displayed in his ability to find pockets in the defense. Once Defenses start to respect Kellys outside game, you really want to start paying attention. Kelly has a Canadian style right hand that had defenders' heads spinning by the end of the day. Faking his way through defenses Kelly Never puts his head down and often pulls off some eye grabbing feeds. Kelly is a scraper and would be a great addition to an offense looking for a player ready to make an impact at the collegiate level.  

Vincent Grosso, 2021, Midfield, Gorilla Lacrosse, Wellesely HS

Grosso's level of intensity never dropped this sunday. Every time he was on the field whether on or off the ball Grosso was going all out. Grosso constantly kept defenses guessing where he was with his off-ball movement. When Grosso decides to go to the cage he can create separation and get shots off with ease(0;37).  His intensity translates to the defensive end as his athletic ability shines through with his physicality on defense(1:07). Grosso is a grinder and should be garnering more D1 Interest if he keeps performing like he did Sunday. 

Apex Warwick Photos

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