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Matt Rambo's Attmackman Showcase Final Four Write Ups and Photos

By Jake Nordhausen, 03/08/21, 7:15PM EST


Matt Rambo's Final Four Attackman Class of 2024

Casey Quinson, 2024, Attack, 2 Way, Brunswick School

Taking Home the Crown in the 2024 Class as the Top Attackman, Quinson is as dynamic of a player as they come. When setting up behind the cage Quinson uses his speed to blow by defenders on long dodges. His first step typically allowed him to get his hands free able to dish it to open shooters across the field with ease. When it came to 1 on 1's Quinson left defenders in the dust with strong change of direction moves combined with change of speed dodging. He is a confident shooter with a strong left hand. Able to pull up from range just as well as he can finish inside, Quinson can bring the heat from all over the field. Quinson was a match up nightmare for defenders all weekend, and more than earned the top spot in the 2024 class. 

Isaac Cruz, 2024, Attack, Prime Time, Pine Bush

Isaac Cruz's game is cornered by speed and textbook shooting, operating mostly of the wings Cruz was pulling shots from deep with precision accuracy. setting up his dodge, Cruz typically uses a roll dodge to set up his defender. Once he gets a feel of what his defender is giving him he is able to explode out of his dodge in either hand, before releasing a textbook overhand shot with some high heat. His placement is near perfect only shooting for open net. Cruz touts some scary acceleration of the bounce, and if defenders weren't getting hands on him it typically ended with the ball in the back of the net. 

Joshua Younger, 2024, Attack, 6 Star, Regis Jesuit

Younger plays a physical game almost encouraging contact. When he sets up his dodge from behind the cage he creates separation by leaning into defenders. Never putting his head down his vision of the field is something to watch, as he can dish it to open shooters with ease after drawing slides. Younger become extremely dangerous when he is allowed to post up in the 5 by 5 area on the field. He has the ability to take it with either hand which leads to some strong finishes in tight on the crease. Off ball Younger seemed to be in the right place at the right time, letting shots fly with accuracy from deep. making him a extremely well rounded attacker.  

Luke Shepherd, 2024, Attack, BBL Elite, Don Bosco

Shepherd is a slick operator from X, and was tripping defenders up all weekend long in Warwick, NY. He touts some top level change of direction dodging that allow him to create space behind the net. Coming around GLE with speed in either Hand Shepherd always made a point to bury the ball with some pretty finishing in tight. Shepherd has some serious bounce, able to push the pace off redodges never giving the defense a second to rest.  His slick stick led to some crazy feeds because he never dropped his head during his dodges. Shepherd's energy never seemed to drop during the weekend, always giving a 100% on every rep. 

Matt Rambo's Final Four Attackman Class of 2023

Blake Franckowiak, 2023, Attack, True Utah/ Legends National, Corner Canyon

Franckowiak continues a string of top level performances at Apex Lacrosse Events by taking home the number 1 spot in the class of 2023. Watching his development has been a sight to see as he has grown into quite the goal scorer in the last couple of months. Typically operating in the quarterback role of the offense he was putting his moves on full display this weekend. Franckowiak is as shifty as they come leaving defenders in his wake as he pushed GLE and buried shots. He has great offhand stick skills allowing him to push it in both hands. Franckowiak continues to evolve his game, and his ceiling seems to be extremely high for a young player.

Ryan Waldman, 2023, Attack, Blue Star Lacrosse, Westfield

Waldman has seemingly made taking defenders ankles behind the net routine at this point. Operating behind the net,  if defenders give him any sort of space to initiate the dodge it is almost a guaranteed slide. His game is marked by extremely quick change of direction dodging. Waldman has the ability to stop on a dime at any point in his dodge and change his course. This makes him extremely dangerous as he seems to be equally capable in finishing with both hands. His acceleration and top end speed should be scary for any opposing defense. Waldman continuously kept keepers guessing by changing his release points, able to place the ball in the net with what seemed like ease. 

Butler Standing, 2023, Attack, Richmond Hawks, Norfolk Academy

Standing made an impressive run at the Matt Rambo Attackman Showcase while competing against some tough talent in the class of 2023. Standing is a high IQ player never seeming to force any shots that he didn't have a high percentage of putting the ball in the back of the net, pulling the ball back out and redodging. He has great stick skills able to push it with either hand as well as pull of some beautiful passes to open shooters up top. Strong change of direction moves from the low wing and X  make up a majority of Standings dodges and he was successful in creating space between himself and defenders while maintaining great stick protection. Standing has improved tremendously since his appearance at our Fall National All star game, and with continued development he seems like he can become a scary player to matchup against.

Ethan Krauss, 2023, Attack, Blue Star, Shawnee

Krauss has one speed and that is go. This weekend Krauss brought his best game and put all his skills on display in front of some of the best PLL offensive players in the game right now. Krauss has little to no wasted movement when he initiates his dodge, as he sets up he is confident that he will beat his matchup with a lightening quick burst of speed. Whether on the wings or behind the cage once he gets a step on defenders and some space he can unleash a rocket of a shot seamlessly in stride with his dodge. His game isn't limited to scoring as he seems to have mastered bouncing away from the slide and finding open shooters. Defenders learned quickly this weekend in Warwick, NY that if they gave Krauss space it wasn't going to end well for them. 

Matt Rambo's Final Four Attackman Class of 2021/2022

Oneniotekó:wa Maracle, 2021, Attack, Westtwon, Iroquois National/NXT

Maracle seems to be a part of the wave of box players adapting into field, and taking over the game in the process. He is a flat out playmaker able to pull off some incredible plays with his stick that left defenders scratching their heads all weekend long. embracing contact Maracle crowds defenders by initiating the dodge directly at them, but has some top level change of speed dodging that allow him to create separation. Whether it is at the high wing or behind the cage there isn't a defender that Maracle seemed to be discouraged to have a go at. His shot selection is near unpredictable, always changing release points and the plane of his shot making him an absolute nightmare for goalies.  Athletic as they come, Maracle is heading off to play at Lafayette next fall and should be a great addition to their program. 

Ryan Demato, 2022, Attack, SouthShore, St. Augustine

Demato was a pure playmaker this weekend at the Matt Rambo Attackman Showcase. Demato's game is highlighted by some insanely quick change of direction moves and fluid stick skills. Operating mostly behind the cage, Demato's ability to switch between both hands seamlessly makes him incredibly dangerous. Watching him set up defenders is a guessing game until he makes a sharp split dodge leaving defenders in his wake. Automatic around the crease his finishing is dynamic ranging from head fakes combined with dunks to eye grabbing back handers. Throw in his vision and ability to hit open cutters and off ball shooters, and Demato looks to be the whole package. 

Nick Muller, 2022, Attack, NJ Riot, Bergen Catholic

Muller seemed to dominate in every facet of the game on Sunday. He seemed to excel at winning matchups right of the jump with one of the most explosive first steps of any player on the field. Muller can create separation at almost any point in his dodge making him a threat at soon as he gets above GLE. His finishing is textbook in both hands with a strong overhand shot that always seems to find it's way into the back of the net. Watching Muller initiate contact only to kick up into a second gear and maneuver around defenders was a sight to see. His game elevates when he is making jaw dropping skips across the field. Seemingly at the apex of his speed mid dodge Muller was able hit shooters across the field with pin point accuracy. His intensity never dropped for a second selling out for shots with some collegiate level dives around the crease. Muller has all the pieces of an impact player at the collegiate level. 

Luke Hendricks, 2022, Attack, Southshore/ Dukes, St. Augustine

Hendricks has a near textbook shot, and it was on full display this weekend. His release is as smooth as they come making it look effortless when letting shots rain from just about anywhere on the field. From range Hendricks does a great job of keeping the goalie guessing by altering his release points and always changing planes. When he got to open space with time and room he was near automatic, seemingly never taking a poor shot. Hendricks is excellent at initiating contact and bouncing off the defender into a re-dodge without losing a step. Strong, physical, and smart Hendricks looks ready to break out onto the scene and should be popping up on coaches radars.