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Face Off Factory Summit Wrap up and Photos

By Joe Nardella & TD Ierlan, 06/25/21, 12:45PM EDT


2022 Standout Players 

Winner - Erik Helgeson, 2022, Faceoff, Patriot Lacrosse, Ridge HS

Erik was smooth, athletic and had a noticeably good stick on day one. He is one of those well versed FO athletes that can seemingly do everything well. He excelled in loose ball situations, was great getting to the ball quick and getting it out to space, and showed a strong mix of counter versatility as well as tie-up IQ. 


Runner up - Adam Stowell, 2022, Seadogs, Oxbridge Academy

Adam showcased fast hands with a great first move throughout the event. He did a great job of recognizing the situation allowing himself to use his athleticism for a quick exit or getting to a counter. Very high compete level with a great foundation, after getting into a college lifting program he will thrive at the next level.

Rich Rindos, 2022, Faceoff, Rebels, Islip

Rich seems to win A LOT of faceoffs with sure speed. He gets to the ball and gets it forward very frequently which puts him on our radar as a guy with transition-threat ability. Rich was slick on ground balls, battled with opponents of all sizes and was extremely consistent with his reaction time. Showed a lot of FO maturity.

Maximo Fenn, 2022, Faceoff, Penguins, Catholic Memorial

Max had a very strong day two days at the stripe. Max is a big faceoff guy who seemingly locks up with all your stereotypical “quick” faceoff guys. His rare blend of fitness, in tie-ups combined with power makes him a very tough match-up for anyone. As Max continues to develop and learn to get the ball out quickly, he will put a lot of pressure on opponents. 

Alex Geng, 2022, Faceoff, Chaos, St. Marks Texas

Alex, a Texas Native, has very quick hands and got consistently better throughout the day. We see Alex as a very high ceiling student who continues to improve everytime we see him. He impressed with strong situational IQ, fast wins, and stealing the ball back in tie ups. 

Andrew McCarthy, 2022, Faceoff, NH Tomahawks, Kimball Union Academy

Big, strong, physical. The NH native showed that he has the size, hand speed, and toughness to compete at the next level. He is someone who seems to evolve every time he is under the spotlight and raises his game to his competition. He Impressed with his ability to convert clamp wins to faceoff wins.

Joe Cavanaugh, 2022, Faceoff, Midwest Express, Chaminade College

Joe Cavanaugh is that guy who is just all over everyone he goes against. He makes nothing easy. Constantly contests ground balls, exits, and throws a wide array of moves/counters at you. We love his potential as a multi-sport athlete and look forward to seeing how the addition of a great clamp game can propel his ceiling even higher. Impressed us in more areas than we can

Trevor Mackles, 2022, Faceoff, BBL, Lawrenceville School

Trevor has a great first punch and uses a variety of exits to get clean exits. When he loses the first move he forces his opponents into awkward exits and is a nightmare to pick up ground balls against. Throughout the weekend Trevor was super coachable as he implemented coaches advice into his game.

Devin German, 2022, Faceoff, Piatelli Central, Acton Boxboro Regional HS

The MA native had two strong days at the dot. He showcases a combo of speed and wrestler-like agility. He is quick to the ball, quick to make his second move, and quick to make reads. He is another guy who wins a lot of his faceoffs FAST and is out in a flash. Impressed us with his transition-treat capability,  tie-up IQ and hand speed. 

Joey Bucci, 2022, Faceoff, Team 11, Malvern Prep

The Malvern Prep product has great size and stature. Joey used a variety of moves and counters in order to be successful. Felt very comfortable with going to his second and even third moves against certain guys. Was competitive in every matchup, with very good grades and a wide variety of moves he will continue to cause trouble regardless of the matchup.

2023 Standout Players 

Winner - Owen Umansky, 2023, Faceoff, Laxachusetts Black, St. Johns Prep

Owen is a big, strong, well polished Faceoff man. His ability to drive his big frame over the ball really separated him from the field this weekend. In the rare occurrence he does lose a clamp he also won the groundball competition the previous day. Any college would be lucky to have this kid.

Runner up - Scott (SK) Moore, 2023, Faceoff, 3D Florida, Jesuit - Tampa, FL

After taking an early first loss he rebounded all the way making it to the class championship. Scott was one of the most athletic best all around lacrosse players at the event. On the first day he was a stand out in the passing and shooting drills. He showed great perseverance and competitiveness throughout the competition. One of the most dynamic players at the event.

Colin Delo, 2023, Faceoff, NXT, Perkiomen Valley High School

Colin rivaled everyone he went against all day. His mixed bag of tools, tenacious style, and fast hands made him a matchup nightmare for everyone. Colin was great with ground balls and used his frame to box-out and shield-off opponents. He forced the tempo on his own opponents all day which seemingly never allowed opponents to get comfortable. He had a very strong day. 

Colin McLoy, 2023, Faceoff, New England Twisters, Newburyport High School

McLoy had a very strong showing against all his opponents. Showcasing consistency, speed, smarts, and toughness throughout. He constantly won the race to the ball and converted clamp wins to faceoff wins. He also showcased a variety of counters and beat competitors on 50/50 balls. He has made a tremendous amount of growth in the standup era and is someone we see with a very high ceiling. 

Noah Delo, 2023, Faceoff, NXT, Perkiomen Valley High School

The stocky and strong individual reminds me a lot of Drew Simoneau. He is low to the ground where he utilizes that to get over the ball to control the clamp. He also uses a similar style to get under people when he counters forcing bad exits. If he turns out anything like Simoneau he will be a huge success.


Zephyr Simus, 2023, Faceoff, 2 Way Greenwich, Choate

One of the hardest workers on and off the field. One of Max Adler’s proteges, Simus showed all week how much experience he has against high-level opponents with his adaptability and a variety of wins. He seems to show a little bit of everything. Speed, good exits, counters, tough ground ball play and just finds himself in the right spots all the time. He is very polished for a young athlete and sees him as someone who is consistent in his preparation and progress. He will be a force for years to come. 

Andrew Tilton, 2023, Faceoff, Kings, Silver Lake Regional HS

Our overall winner night one during our survivor competition. The single elimination format demands ice in your veins and Tilton rose to the occasion on night one. He put together another impressive day on day 2. Using his tall frame to put the ball into spaces on clean clamp wins where only he could make a play on it. He won a lot of clean faceoffs which shows us consistently strong speed. Strong outing from Tilton.

Mac Upton, 2023, Faceoff, Team 91 National 2023 & Team 91 National Colorado Red 2023, Holderness School (Plymouth, NH)

The Colorado/Holderness product showcased a great combo of size, speed, and power. He was smooth and multiple in his secondary part of the faceoffs, making light work up his tie-up battles. He is someone that can really control the direction of the ball from the clamp. As he continues to get bigger and stronger be a tough presence to deal with for any opponent.

Benjamin Concepcion, 2023, Faceoff, 3D New England, Dexter Southfield

Maybe the most battle tested kid throughout the event. Concepcion faced off against most of the top guys in his class and fared very well. Very technically sound and a good athlete. Had a great battle with the class champion Umansky in the early rounds then continued to fight back into the top 10. Deceivingly long, he has a high ceiling, can add muscle and will get much stronger. One of my picks to really excel at the next level.

Thor Jackson, 2023, Faceoff, Madlax Oregon, Central Catholic High School

Thor was one of the stronger kids at the event but still showcased speed to be competitive with the top guys. He didn’t rely on any particular move to be dominant and was very savvy off the ground. To finish in the top 10 in this group is very impressive, he is definitely someone to watch moving forward.

2024/2025 Standout Players 

Winner - Eli Friedman, 2025, Faceoff, 3D New England, Belmont Hill

As a 2025 Friedman put on quite a special performance. He came in second overall against the 2022 and 2023 champions. Was the only 2025 to place in our GB top performers. He was consistent, crafty, sharp, and quick with his game all day. He will be an absolute problem for anyone who has to deal with him this summer. His consistency in training has really shown.

Runner up - Aidan Diaz Matos, 2024, Faceoff, Madlax Capital, Iona Prep

Aidan showcased wins in a variety of ways but has a natural knack for getting to the ball quickly. He showcased a mix of clean wins and tie-up wins as well as some good counters and savvy ground balls. Aidan is another product of consistent training and it shows in his ability to adjust given his opponents. Aidan works with Coach Rak in CT.

Parker Hoffman, 2024, Faceoff, 2Way South, The gunnery

Parker may have been the quickest one in this group, getting into and out of faceoffs in a blink. He has a very rare knack for feeling the whistle and always being on the front end. His ability to go forward gives him scary transition-threat potential. Parker also showed clean exits out the back displaying a strong strategic understanding of his opponents.

Teddy Androus, 2024, Faceoff, Annapolis Hawks GREEN, St Mary’s Annapolis

Teddy won a lot of strong clamps forward. Fighting through pressure and showing his balance. He picked up tough ground balls, was able to mix-up exits and keep his opponents guessing. He showcased athleticism and strength. Look out.

Hayden Cody, 2024, Faceoff, 3D New England, Roxbury Latin

Hayden did an awesome job winning cleanly and in lockups. He was very strong on GBs and did a really good job of winning the ball out to space. He has the potential to be forced when he fills out due to his speed and capability to win clean in the secondary part of the draw. 

Seamus Mack, 2024, Faceoff, Team Lacrosse, Hempfield High School

Samo was a consistent performer throughout the week. Was solid in the shooting and passing drills on day one. From Pennsylavnia it was easy to tell he faces top notch competition often and was not phased by anyone he faced. If Samo can continue to develop his second move he will push to another level.

Logan Banek, 2024, Faceoff, Orange Crush, New Hartford

One of our top GB performers. The upstate NY product showed a sense of old school toughness and although didn't always win in the prettiest of ways, he got the job done against plenty of tough opponents. He is another high-ceiling athlete that we look forward to seeing continue to develop.

Asher Presnell, 2025, Faceoff, Texas Oilers, Woodlands Texas

Finishing second in his class only to Friedman was a great showing for Pressnall. The Texas native is a great athlete and is one of the main reasons why he was so successful against the older kids in his division. A true student of the position you could tell he is only going to get better the more he is around elite competition.

Bryan Folsom, 2025, Faceoff, Express North

a strong hockey player you could tell Folsom was a vacuum out there on any 50/50 ground ball. Although a natural lefty he was able to pull the ball to space with some unique exits that his opponents were not accustomed to. As the one of three 2025s to make the top 10 he has already developed an uncandid ability to compete against bigger and older competition.

Landon Parker, 2024, Faceoff, Dominate, Grand Ledge

The Grand Ledge native proved to be one of the biggest risers throughout the weekend. Super coachable I don't know if there were many kids that showed as much improvement as Landon did over the two days. His ability to mix up counters developed so much by the end of the tournament he was a scary matchup for anyone.