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Apex 60 2023 All Star Write Ups and Photos

By Jake Nordhausen, 08/08/21, 4:00PM EDT


All Star Team White 

Jack Morad, 2023, Attack, Blackwolf, St. Johns College HS

Morad seemed to always be in the right spot at Apex 60 Last week, and he made defenses pay when they lost him in open space. He does a great job of getting to open space and finding pockets in the defense. Morad is lethal on the inside when finishing showing off a quick release paired with great shot placement. Just as strong from range, Morad brought the heat from the outside while doing an excellent job of changing planes to keep the goalie guessing. Morad excels at dodging from X ,  able to get to his strong hand at the 5x5 for top level wrap around shots. Continued development will have Morad looking like a do it all attacker able to plug into almost any offense and be successful. 

JJ Fox, 2023, Attack, Piatelli Lacrosse, Wilbraham & Monson Academy

Wherever Fox was on the field at Apex 60 he was a threat. As a shooter he can put the ball in the back of the net from just about anywhere. When he is inside he has great hands, able to grab almost any feed and get a quality shot off. Whether it was a BTB, backhand, or just a strong inside finish Fox always seemed to find the back of the net. From the outside he always seemed to place himself in prime shooting spots, and he never disappointed. Fox does a great job of changing release points never giving the goalie a chance to predict where his shot is headed. When defenses started to overplay Fox to limit outside shots he punished them with some top level feeds displaying excellent vision. Fox looks ready to have a big time fall as he made a name for himself in front of some big time college programs. 

Nico Schermer, 2023, LSM, Next Level, Landon School

Schermer looks to be apart of the wave of LSM's that are slowly morphing into big time roles in transition and early offense. He is as good as they come off the wings, able to fight for ground balls that seemingly look lost and escape to green with possession. On the defensive end Schermer touts some serious range, and does a great job of jarring the ball loose with a wide variety of checks. He becomes a serious threat when he gets involved in transition. Whether it's hitting the point man or taking it down for himself Schermer does a great job of forcing the defenses hand and creating offense. Schermer looks ready to take on the ever adapting role of the LSM at the collegiate level, and do so very successfully. 

Lars Heimlich, 2023, Defense, Twenty4 East, Islip HS

Heimlich has great size and athleticism, and thats just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to him as a player. He does a great job of using his size and range to engage attackman almost anywhere on the field comfortably.  Heimlich excels at maintaining constant contact with offensive players hands with well timed and strong checks. There never seemed to be a moment where he wasn't pestering offensive players hands forcing them to move the ball one more. Great off the ground and able to handle the ball well with either hand makes Heimlich a strong threat in transition. Watching him pull up and let one fly with some heat is a sight to see. Tons of time to grow and develop his game Heimlich seems to be on track to be an impact player at the next level.

Ryder Ochoa, 2023, Midfield, SoCal Bulls, La Costa Canyon HS

Ochoa looked to improve even more since he was last seen at Apex on the west Coast, and that is a scary thought in itself. Ochoa Operates from the high wings, and with just a little bit of space he can create separation in an instant. He is great off the bounce, as Ochoa is able to get up to speed quick with some top level footwork. Whether its change of direction or just a flat out physically overpowering his opponent Ochoa was beating match ups at will. Shooting was another bright spot for him as he does a great job of getting his hands back and up getting full velocity and power behind his takes. On the run or with his feet set Ochoa is lethal when it comes to letting the ball fly.  Throw in some stout defense, and Ochoa seems to be the whole package of the collegiate two way midfielder. 

Jack Schleicher, 2023, Midfield, Blue Star, St. Augustine

Schleicher was a playmaker all over the field last week at Apex 60. From defense to offense he was making his presence known by making just about any play he could. Defensively he was standing up dodgers just as well as he was eating up passing lanes, and contributing with help defense. Off the ground he was all over the ball ensuring possession for his team whether it was hitting the upfield pass or legging it up the field by himself. Schleicher touts great vision on the offensive end able to push the ball to the right spots to develop quality offensive takes. Once he gets a full head off steam its hard to stop his downhill dodge, and he made sure to stick the ball in the back of the net when the opportunities presented themselves. Schleicher looks like a great pick up for any collegiate program looking to bolster their midfield with hard nosed two way player. 

Matt Nemsick, 2023, Defense, 3D New England, Salisbury School

Nesmick was one of the toughest matchups to get as an offensive player last week at Apex 60. He touts some of the best stick control that we have seen all summer long, and has a deep repertoire of checks in his back pocket. excellently timed and backed by some serious strength Nesmick frequently was able to dislodge the ball from would be dodgers. His body position is near perfect able to play physical and not rely on his stick whatsoever. Off the ground Nesmick always seems to find a way to get clean pick ups and push transition. Nesmick is already a scary defender as is, and with years left to develop he should grow into a lockdown role for a top level program. 

Chase Morgan, 2023, Goalie, Alcatraz Outlaws, St. Ignatius College Prep

The MVP for the white team Morgan was standing on his head during the All Star game in front of some big time college coaches. Morgan was one of the most patient keepers at Apex 60 looking cool, calm, and collected on almost every possession. He touts a near perfect stance between the pipes breaking down and presenting as little net as possible to shooters. He moves exceptionally fast to the ball on low shots able to drop out of his stance in an instant. Morgan showed off a strong yet smooth punch to the ball that made saves look effortless at times. Throw in some great vision on outlet passes, and Morgan looks to be as strong as a keeper as they come. 

Charles Kurtz, 2023, Attack, Eclipse, Cheshire School

When you first see Kurtz his size might make you peg him as a physical dodger or heavy shooter from the outside, but that is not the case. Kurtz is as athletic as they come, and was winning matchups at will during Apex 60. Kurtz has one of the slickest sticks able to go with either hand from almost any angle. He becomes the most dangerous when he is given space on the wing. Kurtz has the ability to pull it from range with pin point accuracy, and that forces rushed approaches from defensive players. Once given an option Kurtz can burn defenders with stick fakes and change of direction moves that look smooth as anything. He is confident with the ball in his stick, and rarely had an opportunity that he didn't bury.  Kurtz is a flat out playmaker, and when he starts getting early slides he can punish defenses with his top level vision. After seeing Kurtz performance at Apex 60 he should definitely be popping up on coaches radar come September 1. 

Grant Karczewski, 2023, Defense, Richmond Hawks, Western Albemarle

Standing at a jaw dropping 6'7 Karczewski was towering over his opponents last week, and he made his presence known all over the field. Karczewski demonstrated top level athleticism and technique on approaches as he combined his range with his full 6 ft pole to get into offensive players hands lightening fast. He maintains constant pressure without ever putting himself out of position. Karczewski is great off the ground able to run through ground balls and protect his stick using great body position. Throw in great stick work in the clear game, and Karczewski looks to be primed to have a big time fall recruiting season. 

Ryan Waldman, 2023, Attack, Blue Star, Westfield

Waldman has been on a string of successful Apex events, and has seemingly managed to improve on his already stellar game every time. Waldman is a quarterback on the offensive end, and looked comfortable leading an offense full of firepower in the All Star game.  Change of direction is the hallmark of his game, and Waldman can make just about any defender miss. He touts some unreal explosion off the first step, and he uses that to set up all his moves. Operating mostly behind the net once Waldman has a step thats when the highlights start. Feeling out the defenders positioning he can make decisions on the fly as to which hand he wants to push the ball with. Overplay him and you might just get tripped up on the back of the net. Once Waldman has space to operate he becomes a real threat. Able to push with his feet and create offense, but never dropping his head he can also found open shooter inside and all across the top of the formation. He is aggressive in the ride, and never seems to give up on a play. Waldman looks able to handle taking up a big impact role on any top level collegiate program. 

Anthony Buoscio, 2023, Midfield, Blue Star, Westfield

Buoscio embodied the role of the two way midfielder last week as he made big time plays on both ends of the field. On the defensive end Buoscio plays broken down, and in an athletic stance. He rides the defenders hips well not biting on stick fakes and frequently able to stand up dodgers to stop them in their tracks. Buoscio becomes an ever greater threat with the ball in his stick on the offensive end. Great top end speed and quick acceleration are the staples in his game. When given space Buoscio never sits back as he realizes the potential to create offense. Once moving downhill Buosciois is lethal on the run as he can rattle off an accurate and fast shot without much time. Keeping his head up on the dodge when he draws slides he does a excellent job of finding the open man on the inside or the backside of the defense for an easy lay up. The most endearing quality of his game is his non stop hustle. Throughout the week Buoscio was able to make several runs up and down the field without losing a step pointing towards him having a high motor. Buoscio looks to fit right into the role of the two way collegiate midfielder. 

Cameron Shipman, 2023, Goalie, Predators, Brunswick School

Shipman was a leader in net all week long in Bel Air, MD as he made his presence known on the field. Whether it was shots from range or in close he made saves look routine. Shipman has a strong base underneath of him, and with his size is able to take up a solid amount of net to discourage most shooters. He never seemed to bite on offensive players stick fakes as he held strong between the pipes. He has a strong step to the ball, and seemed able to reset on loose balls extremely quickly. Shipman is a great commander on the defensive end, barking out calls to his defenders and maintaining constant communication. Shipman displayed some quick hands throughout the week seemingly snagging shots out of thin air that were destined for the upper 90's. In the few times he did give up a goal it never seemed to linger in his head, and that level of mental toughness is something you need in a big time collegiate goaltender. 

Stone Anderson, 2023, Defense, 2way, Deerfield Academy

Playing with controlled aggression, Anderson was all over offensive players at Apex 60.  He has an extremely high motor that allows him to maintain constant pressure in offensive players hands all over the field. He never seemed to put himself out of position while he pestered offensive players out to the box. Once the ball was on the ground Anderson was able to put on full display his ability to make tough GB's and hit the jets.  Whether dislodged by his well timed and frequent checks or an errant pass Anderson can make quick pick ups, and blast up the field into transition showing off great open field speed.  Throw in some smooth stick skills, and he seems to be ready to make the transition to the next level. 

Tyler Guiliano, 2023, Defense, Team 91 Bandits, Sachem East

Guiliano is as about as technically sound as they come on the defensive end. Playing an extremely physical game if he is able to approach offensive players the most likely wont be able to get around him. Guiliano plays in a strong bent knee stance, approaching using the full length of his stick. Seemingly able to knock dodgers off their line with just a physical punch he was a scary matchup at Apex 60. After he positions ball carriers where he wants them he is able to throw a flurry of checks that seem to hit extremely hard, often dislodging not only the ball but entire sticks from offensive players hands. Guiliano is top tier off the ground, and able to play into the transition game well. Almost any college coach would be excited to have a player of Guiliano's  technical skill and athleticism on their defense in the future. 

Nick Johnson, 2023, Attack, Denver Elite, Kent Denver

About as explosive of a player as they can come Johnson was making highlight reel plays all week long. Johnson's game can be described by operating at high speed without missing a beat. Operating mostly on the left wing and X Johnson has some of the best shake out of an attacker we have seen in a while. The lefty always seemed to find a way to get to his strong hand.  Johnson was exceptional at pulling shots on the run seemingly not missing a step. While playing at full speed his head never seemed to drop. Once defenses started sliding early to Johnson he was picking them apart with feeds from shooting angle releases making the defense freeze as he hit open shooters all across the backside. Johnson is as dynamic and athletic as they come at the attack spot, and should be on coaches radars this fall. 

Tyler Spano, 2023, Faceoff, Richmond Hawks, Western Albemarle High School

Spano plays from the standing grip, and at times makes it look easy. He is clean on his exits, and has the ability to play the ball just about anywhere off the draw.  When Spano plays it forward he has the ability to push the ball in transition extremely well. Able to hit the point man in full stride or push it for himself Spano can bring the heat on shots to beat the keeper on fast breaks. When he does lose the clamp he hustles hard and does everything he can to scrap back the ball for his team. He is just as effective in the defensive end able to get chunks on guys and fight to make strong stops. Spano looks ready to be able to take his game to the next level. 

Matthew Buonocore, 2023, Midfield, South Shore, St. Augustine Prep

An athletic and Physical two way midfielder Buonocore is about as tough of a hustle player as they come. Offensively he always seemed to have a hand in scoring opportunities. Whether it was placing himself in the right Shooting spots or rolling of a well set pic and putting the ball in the back of the net Buonocore was always making plays. He touts a strong and technical shot that gives little opportunity for goal keepers to make a good play on the ball. Playing defense is another bright spot for Buonocore as he can stand up would be dodgers with some strong cross checks. He does an excellent job of splitting dodgers in half, refusing to give up the middle of the field.  Add in his excellent breakouts and stick work in the clear, and Buonocore seems to be the whole package. 

Lloyd Ziparo, 2023, Defense, Orange Crush, Christian Brothers Academy

Being a student of the Syracuse great Ric Beardsley, it is clear that some of those skills were passed down to Ziparo. He looked to be a hard nosed textbook defender always forcing the offensive player to beat him rather than putting himself out of position.  Ziparo plays with a strong base and quick feet allowing him to remain in players hands with out losing a step. Using the full length of the stick he is able to pester offensive players and dislodge the ball without even throwing checks. When he does throw checks they seem so precise that he doesn't have to throw his full weight behind them. A strong point in Ziparo's game is that he never drops his stick out of the lane, frequently picking off skip passes. Ziparo is as technically sound as they come, and looks ready to be a special defender for any collegiate program. 

John Angelicola, 2023, Midfield, Orange Crush, Fayetteville Manlius HS

Angelicola was a dynamic offensive threat throughout the week at Apex 60. About as athletic as they come once Angelicola gets hot there doesn't seem like their are many defenders that can slow him down. Operating out of either high wing he has the ability to make plays equally in both hands which makes him extremely dangerous. Whether he takes the alley or the middle of the field he can rifle shots of on the run that are hard to track as he hides his stick well. When he spots up to shoot he can really bring the heat and pick his corners well. When Angelicola gets downhill with some speed theres no telling what he is capable of,  and that kind of ability is something college coaches love to see. 

Ryan Botek, 2023, Midfield, FCA, Calvert Hall

Botek had a pair of slick goals in the All Star game to cap off an amazing week of play down in Bel Air. He is athletic as they come, and becomes dangerous when he gets his hands free. Botek has some extremely quick hands able to release high level shots with just a flick of the wrist. Able to push the ball in either hand defenders had their handful deciding which way to force Botek. He plays with high lacrosse IQ knowing the right time to push the pace, and when to move the ball one more around the offensive end. Botek looks to have a high ceiling, and with more room to improve his game he can become an extremely scary player. 

Mitchell Adkins, 2023, Attack, Looneys, Loyola Blakefield

Adkins looks improved from his outing at Apex first look, and was able to continue his success in front of some big time college coaches. Adkins can play from the low wing and the X spot, and make plays equally as well from both. Adkins fits well into quarterback role, but is not afraid to take it for himself. Embracing contact in order to create separation Adkins can dish it as well as he can stick the ball in the back of the net. He plays with High Lacrosse IQ, and it shows throughout his game. Adkins looks primed and ready to have a big fall on the recruiting trail. 

Ryan Demato, 2023, Attack, South Shore, St. Augustine

Demato played lights out in the All star game in front of a myriad of the best programs in college lacrosse. He is lightening fast footwork and is able to accelerate off the bounce. Demato can create space for himself quick, and once he gets his hands free he makes sure to punish defenses. coming around GLE he does a great job of finishing low angle shots. When he starts to draw an early slide he has the vision to find open shooters across the top. Demato has continually improved after each event, and with such a high ceiling he looks to be one player coaches should keep an eye on. 

All Star Team Black 

Quinn Silvio, 2023, Midfield, 4Leaf, Derryfield School

Silvio is an athletic lefty who was creating offense at will last week. typically operating out of the high wing Silvio left defenses guessing as to what his next move was going to be. Once he has gotten up to speed Silvio does a great job of creating space for himself with shifty change of direction. On the run, Silvio does a great job of getting his hands back to pull a high heat shot that was difficult for goalies to get a handle on.  When Defenders approached Silvio with caution fearing he would shake them thats when he unleashes his shot from outside. Given time and room Silvio can set his feet and fire off a rocket from range. He does a great job of changing planes with his shot keeping the goalie honest. Athletic in the clear game and a motor that doesn't seem to stop Silvio looks to be a player to keep an eye on as he develops. 

Nicholas Jaferis, 2023, Defense, Team 91 Bandits, Mount Sinai

Jaferis was a straight up ballhawk at Apex 60 last week. He never seemed to be out of position when he was pressuring out on offensive players across the field. He plays in a near perfect athletic stance as he approaches ball carriers using the full length of his stick. Jaferis throws strong and precise checks able to get the ball on the turf frequently. Off the ball his head was always on a swivel, as he was predicting the flow of the offense and jumping passes for clean transition the other way.  Physical, High IQ and great off the ground Jaferis looks to be an impact player college coaches should be watching out for. 

Ben Abel, 2023, Goalie, 3D Texas/Stickstar, Highland Park

Abel did not disappoint last week at Apex 60 as he was making save after save against some stiff competition. Doing a great job of using his size Abel can take up a majority of the net when he gets down into his stance, giving shooters little to no net to aim for. He touts some of the quickest hands in net as he snaps to the ball with a strong punch. Abel has clean footwork seemingly always stepping to the ball without a false step. Demonstrating great vision Abel was tossing beautiful outlets on a rope to breaking midfielders frequently. Abel looks ready and able to command a defense, and is someone that should be popping up on college coaches radar's. 

Rocco Bognet, 2023, Goalie, Looneys, Loyola Blakefield

Taking everything he learned from the Apex Goalie 350 Showcase with Blaze Riorden and Kyle Bernlohr, Bognet looked as confident as ever in the net last week. He is patient between the pipes always waiting until the right to make a play on the ball. Bognet never took false steps or guessed, rather he gave himself the best opportunity to make a stop and seemed to always be in the correct position. Smooth hands and a strong step to the ball made saves look routine. Bognet does a stellar job of resetting in the pipes after making a save and prepping for more shots coming his way. continuing a successful run at Apex Lacrosse events Bognet looks ready to have a big fall in regards to recruiting. 

Rees Chandler, 2023, Defense, Cityside Lax, Seattle Prep

Chandler was just as impressive as he has been all summer long, and was making highlight plays all week long. Athletic as anyone else on the field Chandler is as versatile as it gets on the defensive end. Whether he is playing down low or at the top of the box he plays with controlled aggression.  Always approaching under control Chandler uses his range to throw a flurry of checks to keep offensive players on their toes. He never seemed to out himself out of position while pressing into players hands, rather he would frequently dislodge the ball and cause turnovers. Transition is where Chandler shines as he has a slick stick and great IQ. He always seemed to find the open man on the break and when defenses didn't respect him on the break he made them regret it by putting the ball in the back of the net. Chandler has the size, range, technique, and motor to be very successful at the next level. 

Eli Hinson, 2023, Goalie, Cityside Lax, O'Dea

Hinson elevated his game in the All star tilt on Tuesday morning at Apex 60 and was making big time saves throughout the matchup. Patient and calm in net Hinson never looked shook or rattled when he stepped into the spot light. He is technically sound always taking the right step and playing the right angle to force shooters into bad position.  Hinson has great size that allow him to cover much of the net and make a play on almost any shot. Echoing calls and commanding the defense seem to come easy for him and that aspect of leadership is a great quality to have. Hinson has improved every event since he made his Apex debut and it seems like he has a very high ceiling which makes him a player to keep track of in the coming months. 

Nolan Gilmartin, 2023, Attack, Richmond Hawks, Benedictine College Prep

Standing at 6'3, Gilmartin used more than his size and athleticism to dominate his matchup's last week.  As a shooter Gilmartin's stoke is as smooth as just about anyones, but it comes with some deceptively high heat. He did an excellent job of changing planes and releases points to make sure he wasn't predictable. When defenders begin to respect his shot he punishes them with a strong hitch move on rushed approaches. Gilmartin is just as lethal offball as he always seemed to place himself in the right shooting spot to put the ball in the back of the net. Throw in his unselfish nature to make the one more pass, and becomes a dynamic offensive threat. 

Parker Forrest, 2023, Attack, Richmond Hawks, James River HS

Forrest was a playmaker all over the field in Bel Air, as he showed up to play for the college coaches in attendance. Forrest is electric from just about anywhere on the field. He never hesitates to take open space, and pushes any opportunity where he thinks he can be successful.  He can score off slick change of direction moves just as easily as he can pull shots from the outside. Forrest has a hammer of a Left handed shot that is both technical and efficient.  always moving his feet he can score just as easily off ball on cuts and slashes as he can spotting up for the one more pass. What is most impressive is his inability to give up on the ride. He fought to get back every possession for his team, and with that level of play and effort he is bound to get looked at by some serious college programs.

Mark Marino, 2023, Attack, NJ Riot, Don Bosco Prep

While mainly operating from behind the net, Marino has the ability to make plays just about anywhere on the offensive end. When setting up at the X position Marino has the ability to take it with either hand. He is very decisive with his dodge typically making one move to open up his defender and reacting to what he is given. Marino starts his dodge with change of direction, but embraces contact when he comes around GLE. He does a great job of using the defender as a screen to hide his shot.  When he thinks his dodging window is closed he does a great job of bouncing off the dodge and finding the open man. Marino plays hard and is as athletic as they come, and is ready to make some waves this fall.

Forrest Ives, 2023, LSM, Orange Crush, Cazenovia

Ives is everything you ask for out of a high motored LSM. He is athletic and aggressive when he presses out to ball carriers. When he approaches he uses the full length of his stick, and seemingly never puts himself out of position. Ives does a great job of playing strong angles pushing players where he is most successful. throwing well timed and heavy checks Ives can frequently get the ball out of offensive players sticks. Off the wings Ives shows he can scrap his way through most GB scrums and come out clean on the other side. When he gets the ball of the turf Ives does a great job of pushing the envelope in transition as he has some top level stick work and offensive prowess . Ives has the high drive and technical skillset every college coach looks for in a collegiate LSM. 

Andrew Tilton, 2023, Faceoff, Kings, Silver Lake Regional HS

Continuing a successful run of events after Face off Factory Summit Tilton has looked dialed in at the X. He has a tall frame that allows him to put the ball into places where only he can get a clean pick up. When he plays the ball forward he is able to play transition extremely well. He knows when to push it for himself and when to move it to the point man on fast breaks. What is most important is his consistency across every rep. There wasn't a time where Tilton got burnt, and if he ever did lose the clamp he made it a scrap in the process pushing it towards a 50/50 ball.  Tilton looked strong at the X , and with the importance of possession at the collegiate level he should be on coaches list of players to watch. 

Ethan Krauss, 2023, Attack, Blue Star, Shawnee

Krauss had a dominant run at Apex 60, and his game shined through a ton of talented players last week. Krauss Operates out of the X position, but is just as much of a threat when he gets downhill from the top of the Box. He is a simple dodger he doesn't have much wasted movement when he goes he is fully committed. Krauss does a great job of getting into his defenders and driving up to the 5X5 spot. Once he's got the position he wants he does a great job of reading slides and determining whether he should push topside or tuck it underneath. Finishing nearly every opportunity that he was presented with Krauss' game evolves when he starts using his vision. Defenses began to slide early and often, but were picked apart by Krauss's top level feeds to open shooters. Krauss looks to have all the pieces of an impact player at the collegiate level, and is probably on a lot of coaches big boards. 

Kyle Skop, 2023, Faceoff, Predators, Berkshire School

Skop had some of the quickest hands at Apex 60, and his play never seemed to drop off. A typical draw for Skop lead to his offense running a break consistently. When he didn't win the ball to himself he was always cognizant of where his wings were located able to relieve pressure by throwing some beautiful outlets.  Skop would lose an occasional clamp, but he does a phenomenal  job on the counter to make it a fight. He can push transition and has great IQ on the offensive end making him a lethal threat on the fast break. The Faceoff game has become so critical at the collegiate level, so picking up players like Skop will be a must for big time college programs. 

Adyn Cover, 2023, Midfield, Six Star, Fossil Ridge High School

Cover is a slick offensive Midfielder that has some serious shake to him. A strong right handed player Cover has the ability to pull it from range just as successfully as he can push it into the mouth of the defense. Once he starts nailing strong step downs he starts abusing defenders who come at him with rushed approaches. Cover can throw a heavy hitch move that left defenders scratching their heads all week long. He has a slick stick to boot able to pull off some incredible finishes inside. Cover looks ready to take the next step, and would be a nice addition to any competitive collegiate program. 

Blake Frankcowiak, 2023, Attack, True Utah, Corner Canyon HS

Frankcowiak looked as skilled as ever at Apex 60 as he was commanding offenses full of talent, and doing so successfully. There is no doubt about it Frankcowiak can take the ball for himself and make some incredible plays in the process. About as shifty as they come Frankcowiak frequently left defenders in the dust with some top level change of direction moves.  He fills in the role as the distributor just as well as he does the scorer. When Frankcowiak has a step on his defender he never drops his vision able to find open shooters and cutters throughout the offensive end. Frankcowiak has a dynamic set of skills that make him perfect for the facilitator role at the collegiate level. 

Mason Mac, 2023, Midfield, True National, Seton Hall Prep

Embodying the role of the two way midfielder, Mac does it all in between the lines. Offensively he plays with speed and seems to be always moving down hill towards the goal. Mac touts a really slick stick and was showing of a strong split dodge that allowed him to create space for himself. Once Mac created time and room he was able to sling shots with a strong right handed take. He always managed to change release points as well as let it go on the fly making him lethal for goalies to try and predict.  Mac also did a great job of creating for his teammates playing extremely unselfish and dishing it to open shooters once he drew a slide. Defensively Mac is everything you ask for in a midfielder. He gets pieces on dodgers and is always participating in the slide package. His help side defense is top notch as he can get into passing lanes and intercept skips. As the midfielder position evolves so do the players, and Mac looks like a prime candidate to play both ways at the collegiate level. 

Brody Davis, 2023, Defense, Tri-State, Seton Hall Prep

The MVP for the black team during the All Star game, Davis is a do it all defender who led a defense full of stud players. He is about as athletic as they come able to press out on players while remaining in a near perfect bent knee stance. He always seemed to play the correct angle, and was able to corner defensive players into where he would be most successful. Davis is a strong and physical player knocking players off the their lines with ease. He follows crosschecks with well timed and efficient checks, never putting himself out of position. When handling the ball Davis is top notch in the clearing game, able to take it for himself with blazing fast speed or push it up the field with excellent outlet passes.  Davis is a special defender, and should have a lot of attention coming his way from college coaches in the near future. 

Jacob Osborn, 2023, Midfield, TrueUtah/True National, Waterford School

Osborn looked to be in top form at Apex 60, and he had eyes all over him when he was pulling up to shoot. Osborn is a midfielder who can play equally well in either hand, and when he is given time and room he was near perfect shooting.  He touts an extremely fast and accurate shot that kept goalies guessing as Osborn was picking corners left and right. Osborn's game isn't limited to outside shooting, as he has some serious shake. Combine that with the ability to take it with either hand defenders started to struggle on where to push Osborn to help out the defense. Osborn has improved his game event after event, and with a ceiling this high he is one scary player. 

Dylan Yeung, 2023, Defense, New Hampshire Tomahawks, Bishop Guertin

Yeung Looked as confident as ever last week at Apex 60 as he Continues to impress Apex staff and College coaches. Yeung is all about the fundamentals, and as a defender he is never going to beat himself with poor approaches or an overly excited stick. Controlled aggression and a high motor allow Yeung to constantly remain in ball carriers hands. Approaching with the full length of his stick he never relies on his checks due to his excellent footwork.  When he does throw checks he does so with precision and accuracy. Yeung is a High IQ defender who was making big time stops for his team at Apex 60, and he should be getting some good looks in the coming season. 

Ryan Colella, 2023, Defense, NJ Riot, St. Joseph Regional

Disciplined and aggressive Colella took what he learned at the Austin Pifani Defenseman Showcase, and took his game to another level. He plays in a textbook stance able to apply consistent pressure all the way to the end line without compromising his position. Colella has top level footwork to the point where he never seemed to lose a step on ball carriers. His checks seem heavy and they hit hard enough to discourage his matchup from testing him. Never too reliant on his stick he always seems to follow up with tough crosschecks to move dodgers of their lines.  Throw in the fact that he is clean off the ground and able to push transition with ease, and Colella seems to be the whole package. 

Adam Carroll, 2023, Defense, Express Lacrosse LI, Choate

Coming off a strong summer season Carroll came into Apex 60 ready to make a name for himself in front of some big time college coaches. His IQ is the name of his game as he seemingly made little to no mental errors during the week. Carroll does a great job of applying pressure and if he did feel like he was losing a step corrected himself using great recognition of angles. Carroll showed depth in understanding help defense as he showing off some great hedges and bluff slides that bought time for other defenders to recover. Carroll looks ready to take on a field general role as he posses the leadership skills and lacrosse IQ to be successful at the next level. 

Leo Sequenzia, 2023, Midfield, Express Lacrosse, Staples HS

A strong lefty who can make big time plays from the low wings or the top of the box Sequenzia is a flat out scoring threat. Sequenzia has insane acceleration as he is able to get up to top speed in just a couple of steps. Throw in some serious shake and he can create space seemingly at will.  When he is at top speed on the run he can pull off some incredible shots with some insane range. Sequenzia's game certainly isn't limited to top speed dodges from the box. When he gets short sticks on the low wings he does a great job of tucking it underneath and finishing in tight. Give Sequenzia the middle of the field from any position on the field and he is sure to make the defense pay for it. Look out for Sequenzia on the recruiting trail coming up as he is a solid pick up for any D1 school looking to bolster their offensive firepower. 

Nick Blalock, 2023, Attack, Blue Star White, Christian Brothers Academy

Blalock always seemed to be in the right place at the right time at Apex 60.  He is a high lacrosse IQ player who does extremely well feeling out the flow of the offense and putting himself in the right position in order to score. Whether it's finding pockets in the defense or slashing across the formation Blalock seemingly always presents himself in the right spot for the opportunity to bury the ball. His shot is smooth and technical as can be never shooting on the same plane to give the keeper an easy play on the ball.  Whether it's via trailing the slide man or finding a hole in the defense Blalock is always a threat to score, and that makes him a great fit for any collegiate offense. 

Trevor Preston, 2023, Defense, 6-star lacrosse/Legends National, Legend HS

Using his length, athleticism, and strength Preston dominated his matchup's last week in Bel Air.  Preston has great range and uses the full length of his stick to keep offensive players at bay. He approaches using the full length of his stick, always pestering offensive players by remaining in their hands. While on the ball he does a great job of throwing accurate  and well timed checks. He plays angles very well and seems to be able to recover from almost any situation on the ball. Preston is top notch at picking up ground balls and getting to green space in order to get the ball out of the defensive end. After his performance at Apex 60, Preston looks ready to continue his success this fall and have a big year in the recruiting landscape. 

Liam Burke, 2023, Attack, Predators, Hotchkiss

Burke capped off a stellar week of highlights with a strong performance in the All Star game at Apex 60. Burke is as athletic as they come at the attack spot able to set up dodges from just about anywhere on the field. He has the speed to blow past defenders and the physicality to run through them. Burke can take it with either hand and has a strong overhand shot on the run that was difficult for keepers to track. He can create space with simple yet effective change of direction moves that allow him to gain space to get his hands free. Burke never seemed to make a mistake and took advantage of every scoring opportunity that he created. Top collegiate programs would be more than happy picking up a player as dynamic as Burke. 

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