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Apex National Fall Showcase 2022/2023 All Star Write Up's and Photos

By Jake Nordhausen, 10/21/21, 2:45PM EDT


Team Gold

Camden De Tolla, 2023, Defense, 4 Leaf, Kimball Union Academy

De Tolla was a takeaway machine at national fall showcase last weekend in Bel Air. He plays in a strong base able to direct ball carriers where he can have the most success. De Tolla plays with his full stick length, but is never to stick happy. He always times up his checks well able to dislodge the ball frequently. Off the ground De Tolla was clean able to pick up tough GB's and push the ball up the field.  He plays extremely well in transition and can handle the ball well, displaying top level vision and playmaking ability. De Tolla looks like a good fit for a up tempo and aggressive collegiate defense. 

Sebastian Tobias, 2022, Defense, South Shore Lacrosse, Saint Augustine Prep

Tobias is about as physical as a defender can get, and it showed last weekend. He plays with a mean streak able to get into offensive players bodies and make his presence known. Tobias has a wide base that backs up his physical play, able to move ball carriers with some strong punches. He displayed some high IQ with backside doubles that ball carriers didn't see coming. Strong checks and aggressive of the ground Tobias can play like a ballhawk. Great in the transition game, and a high speed shot make Tobias lethal threat all over the field. 

Matt Hudson, 2023, Attack, Team MInnesota, St. Thomas Academy

Hudson is a dynamic attackmen able to make plays in a variety of ways on the offensive end.  He can play a physical style of lacrosse able to embrace contact and lower his shoulder to create space. Hudson has great size and body control, operating around the 5 by 5 area he does a great job of working in tight spaces. Off the ball he is just as lethal as both a shooter and feeder. Hudson places himself in prime shooting spots able to let loose a strong step down that is tough for goalies to track. Displaying great vision he is able to see the field well and hit open shooters on the backside once he starts drawing the defenses attention. With continued development Hudson has all the ability to become an impact player on the offensive end at the next level. 

Dennis Van Der Wal, 2022, Midfield, Alcatraz Outlaws, Redwood High School

An athletic downhill dodger Van Der Wal was taking his matchup to the rack all day long. He plays with a lot of finesse on the offensive end able to beat defenders of the bounce with strong first step speed.  When Van Der Wal is given time and room to set up it typically didn't end up well for the defense. He does a great job of protecting his stick mid dodge, baiting defenders to go for take aways before pulling the ball and blowing past them. Van Der Wal can shoot on the run just as well as he can pull up from range, as he is able to place the ball extremely well with technical shooting form. On the defensive end of the field he is physical, and can get a piece of most dodgers trying to break him down. Van Der Wal has great vision making him a serious threat in the transition game and early offense. Capable of breaking down the defense in a myriad of ways Van Der Wal looks like a good fit for the growing role of the two way midfielder at the collegiate level. 

Mac Upton, 2023, Faceoff, Team 91 National, IMG Academy

Upton has everything you ask for in today's face off athlete. He has great size, speed, and power that he draws on to perform at the X. Whether it was a quick pinch and pop or a long drawn out tie up he always seemed to come out with clean wins. He looks confident with the ball in his stick able to take it for himself or get it out to his wings in space. In the fast break he never tries to do too much, executing breaks efficiently hitting the point man or taking it down the mouth of the defense. Continually developing his craft Upton has a ton of upside in a spot where the game is become ever more important at the next level. 

Rogan Kane, 2023, Faceoff, 3D, Plant High School

Kane is a high lacrosse IQ faceoff athlete that seemingly made all the right decisions at National Fall Showcase down in Bel Air, MD last weekend. Kane is a multi tool at the X able to play in a variety of ways and adapt to the situation at hand. When he can play with speed he does a great job wit the pinch and pop and pushing transition on the fast break. Kane can play just as well in a tie up. Remaining patient and cognizant of his exits able to get the ball out to safe spots. He handles the ball extremely well never forcing a bad throw, and can break away from defenders and wings with blazing speed. Kane is an impact player at the X and should be dialed in for a breakout spring season. 

Austin Collins, 2023, LSM, Looneys, St. Paul’s

Collins range and athleticism make him a difficult defender to get away from, and that was clear for offensive players all over the field this weekend. He is quick off the wings and was a vacuum for GB's, able to get the ball clean off the ground and exit into safe space. Collins displayed great stick handling as he showed no fear in pushing transition with the ball, making himself a threat in fast break and transition opportunities. When Collins smelled blood in the water he was relentless with pressure, Using his range to stay all over ball carriers hands and force turnovers in the process. Collins has all the tools to continue his success at the next level as the role of the LSM expands to both sides of the ball. 

Jack Cipriani, 2023,Midfield, CitySide Lacrosse, Cathedral Catholic High School

Cipriani is a do it all midfielder that can accomplish just about any task asked of him. Offensively Cipriani showcases some top level speed and body control that allow him to slice through defenses. Once he gets downhill on a dodge he does a great job of hiding his stick before releasing a high speed shot on the run. on the defensive end he is tough on the ball, but also shows a great understanding of help positioning on off the ball. Another impressive aspect of Cipriani's dynamic game is his ability to faceoff. Having such a variety of strong game mechanics make Cipriani a great pick up for a collegiate team looking for a work horse all over the field. 

Nate Thomas, 2023, Defense, 3D Florida, H.B. Plant HS

Thomas is a pure ballhawk defender, Itching at any chance he can get to put pressure on offensive players. He demonstrated some top level footwork and speed last weekend that he used to pester ball carriers all over the field. Thomas does a great job of playing with the full length of his stick, using the extra space to remain in great position. He was constantly in the hands of his opponents and threw some well timed checks to get the ball on the ground. Great open field speed and stick work allow thomas to help tremendously in the clear as well as transition. Continued growth and development will have Thomas ready to make the step up to perform at the next level. 

Nicholas Caruso, 2023, Defense, True New Jersey, Pope John XXIII regional HS

Caruso is about as textbook of a defender as they come, and his game was on full display at the National Fall Showcase. He plays smart, sound and technical in almost every facet of the game. On approach Caruso comes under control and seemed un phased by offensive players movements. Caruso plays broken down in a low stance, relying on strong footwork and positioning to make plays and not his stick. That doesn't mean his stick wasn't active as that was far from the case. Caruso's strong footwork allow him to play strong with the full length of his stick pestering would be dodgers and frequently jarring the ball loose. He is smart off the ball showing great understanding of rotations and positional play.  Tough on GB's and good in transition Caruso looks to be an impact player and leader on the defensive end of the field. 

John Lloyd III, 2023, Midfield, FTK Louisiana, Ben Franklin HS

Lloyd is a high motor type of player who was making plays all over the field down in Bel Air. Lloyd is about as athletic as they come with superior speed and acceleration that make him one hard midfielder to get a read on. His first step is blazing fast and he does a good job of creating separation with little to no wasted movement.  His shooting is top notch as he has an extremely quick release and can let it fly on the run just as fast as he can with his feet set. Lloyd also displayed great hustle in the ride fighting to get the ball back any chance he could. Collegiate programs looking for a high motor player with great hustle and drive shouldn't have a problem when they see Lloyd in action. 

Eli Hinson, 2023, Goalie, CitySide, O’Dea

Hinson continues a successful showing in a string of Apex events, and has improved after every performance with this fall being one of those. Picking up where he left off after this summer at Apex 60 Hinson looks commanding in net. He is patient never giving up positioning, and always letting the play come to him. His size combined with his speed allow him to make plays on just about any shot coming his way. Hinson does a great job of playing angles forcing shooters into bad looks and making a clean step to the ball in his saves. Leading a defense can be the hardest part of the job for most goalies but it seems to come natural for Hinson, and that makes him a player that should be popping up on coaches radars. 

Rees Chandler, 2023, Defense, Cityside/Blue Star, Seattle Prep

Chandler looked to be in top form at Apex National Fall Showcase and it showed. Chandler's strongest attributes are his range and athleticism. When he is on the ball he is relentless with his pressure.  Using all six feet of his stick he is constantly pressuring offensive players hands, and commonly getting the ball on the ground. He plays in a textbook stance and never seems to over pursue, rather he lets offensive players make mistakes and he punishes them. In transition Chandler shines, as he is able to let loose a rocket of a shot in the fast break. Throw in his top level stick handling and he is always a strong option in the clear and fast break. As Chandler continues to grow and develop as a player he is someone coaches should keep an eye on. 

Matthew Duarte, 2023, Attack, Team 302 Elite, Caravel Academy

Duarte is a spark plug type player on the offensive end, and his dynamic style of play made him extremely hard to play against. He is shifty and displayed some incredible acceleration of the bounce last week at National Fall Showcase. Duarte does a great job of setting up defenders in space and blowing by them with straight line speed as well as strong change of direction moves. He is quick on his first step able to create separation fast and give himself room to make plays. Duarte also showed off great shooting form whether he was on the run or from range. When he is off the ball he finds pockets in the defense and places himself in strong shooting spots where he can be successful. Duarte has hustle that never seemed to drop, as he was relentless on loose ball situations as well as in the ride. Duarte provides energy on the field in accompany with his high level play, and that is something college coaches love to see. 

Noah Segal, 2023, Goalie, Rebels LC, St Anthony’s High School

Segal was calm in net all weekend long, as he was making save after save against some stiff competition. As he sets up in net Segal looks strong in his stance un phased by shooters closing in on him. He does a great job of stepping to the ball and follows up with some very quick hands. Segal plays in a wide stance and takes up a ton of net, despite not being the biggest keeper around. Inside shots looked routine for Segal as he does a great job of tracking shooters sticks and not falling for fakes. He does a great job on the reset after shots preparing himself for whatever is coming after rebounds get loose. Throw in his ability to hit some beautiful clearing passes and outlets and Segal seems to be a impact player in between the pipes. 

Charlie Kraftson, 2023, Attack, NXT, Episcopal Academy

Kraftson seems to have a knack for getting the ball in the back of the net, and he can do it in a ton of different ways. As a goal scorer Kraftson is dynamic he can complete a wrap around one handed just as well as he can as a behind the back. He has strong change of direction moves and operates best behind the goal and GLE. Kraftson displayed strong body control as he uses his opponents for leverage on his dodges. His first step speed is also something of note as he sets up defenders well before creating separation off the bounce. He never drops his head always reading the defense and reacting to slides and pressure. A high IQ stickhandler and finisher Kraftson could bolster any collegiate offense looking for a confident scorer at the X. 

Parker Forrest, 2023, Attack,Richmond Hawks, James River HS

Forrest built on his success from apex 60 this summer, and showed up big time this weekend. He is a flat out play maker and never hesitated with the ball in his stick. Lethal from just about anywhere on the field there wasn't a spot that Forrest didn't find success. He is aggressive with the ball in his stick able to throw a myriad of moves at defenders. Whether it was shifty change of direction dodging or dropping his shoulder Forrest looked unstoppable. He has a textbook shoot and brings a lot of heat on the ball. Off ball he found similar success while cutting and placing himself in shooting spots. Forrest is a high motor player with a great set of skills on the offensive end making him a great pick up to bolster any collegiate team. 

Will Harris, 2023, Attack, Carolina national, Team 91 Carolina, Virginia Episcopal School

Harris is a flat out athlete on the offensive end. He displayed some top change of speed and direction dodging that made him near impossible to guard. Harris can accelerate off the bounce quicker than almost any attacker on the field. He has the ability to create separation in almost in an instant and this is when he starts to get interesting. Harris operates mostly from the low wing and behind the net, and once he got a step on defenders it was game over. He does a great job of feeling out the defense and realizing what space he has created. Whether it is rolling underneath or pushing the topside Harris just got there. One of the smoothest shots from the weekend Harris can let the ball go quick and bring some serious heat in the process. About as dynamic of an offensive threat as they come Harris looks primed to be an impact player at the next level. 

Donald Mack, 2023, Midfield, Igloo Black Diamond, Manhasset HS

Mack is a dynamic player with or without the ball in his stick and that is what makes him so dangerous. As a ball carrier Mack operates mostly behind the cage and the low wings. Great off his first step Mack creates separation quickly and never looked back. He is confident when coming around GLE able to take it underneath just as well as challenge defenders top hands. Scoring in bunches Mack is creative with his releases, and is extremely hard to predict due to his ability to change planes of his shot. Off the ball Mack always placed himself in pockets and holes in the defense. He never stops his feet able to slash across the defensive formation on cuts and finish well on the run. Mack also shines as a feeder able to keep his head up and find open players on the backside. Mack continues to show out at Apex events, and should be someone coaches keep an eye on moving forward. 

Caden Gulka, 2022, Midfield, Nation United, Westtown

Gulka demonstrated he has a knack for finding the back of the net last weekend. Whether it was on offball cuts or barreling down the hash Gulka was able to get off some tough shots and make them stick. He does a great job of finding holes in the defense and exploiting them. Always presenting himself as viable option he never made his stick a target that wasn't accessible. When dodging Gulka showed off some top level acceleration and footwork able to blow by defenders on approach. Gulka brings the heat on his shot and keeps it very consistent with his technique. Continued growth and building on his craft will make Gulka a great pick up to play at the next level.  

Kyren Lazore, 2022, Attack, PA Roughriders, Westtown School

The strong left handed player had a great showing down in Bel Air, MD Last weekend. Lazore plays a box style of lacrosse very physical and able to play of contact. He did a great job of attacking defenders top hands and getting to spots on the field where he would be most successful. When Lazore got top side he had a day burying shots with a variety of release points. Lazore had goalies guessing as to where the ball was going and made a living around GLE. Look out for Lazore to have a breakout season come spring time. 

Team White 

Nolan Samson, 2023, Midfield, Blue Star, Lenape High School

Samson is the embodiment of the two way midfielder, and made plays all over the field last weekend. Offensively he plays light on his feet able to shift and turn on a dime. Samson has great lateral and downhill speed making him a hard dodger to get a read on. When he gets a defender in open space it usually spelled trouble for the defense. Samson was pulling strong shots on the run at top speed that were difficult for goalies to get a read on. As an initiator he is just as successful as he has top tier vision, never dropping his head in the dodge he read defenses well and always hit the open man. Defensively was locking up most ball carriers with strong crosschecks and great positioning. Samson plays extremely well on both sides of the ball, A dynamic player with his ability can make an impact early for any respected collegiate program. 

Ben Thomas, 2022, Defense, South Shore, St. Augustine Prep

The Colgate Commit made his presence felt all over the field last weekend down in Bel Air. Thomas is an athletic defender with some serious range. He was showing of great positioning and footwork that allow him to pressure out almost anywhere on the field. Thomas doesn't throw heavy checks, Rather he throws well timed and accurate one's that are able to disrupt ball carriers. Once the ball was on the ground it seemed like Thomas never missed an opportunity for a GB. Able to make clean pick ups and get to open space, Thomas really shined when in the transition game. Making some unreal passes to offensive players on the break Thomas seemed to have stick work equivalent to that of an offensive player. Thomas is a great pick up for the Raiders and should bolster their defense early in his career. 

Bryce Ledwith, 2023, Goalie, Annapolis Hawks, Virginia Episcopal School

Ledwith was a leader on the field all weekend long, vocal in his calls you could hear him in net from other fields. Ledwith plays strong and confident in net. He has great technique and combined with his top level hand speed he is hard to get the ball past. A pure ball stopper Ledwith sold out for almost every save showing passion while doing so. He touts a strong step to the ball, but isn't overly aggressive in his gameplay actually showing quit a bit of patience.  Ledwith is a commander in the net, and seems ready to take on competition at the next level. 

Kaden Granberg, 2022, Midfield, Royal bay ravens, Royal bay secondary

Granberg is an athletic midfielder who gave defenses trouble all weekend long. A quick burst of speed off the bounce, and Granberg was blowing by defenders. He plays an explosive style of offense when dodging, making decisive moves he commits early in the dodge confidently. Granberg has some serious first step speed able to create separation at will. Off the ball he is just as lethal able to place himself in scoring positions. As a finisher he didn't seem to miss an opportunity able to put the ball in the back of the net with some textbook finishing. Whether shooting on the run or finishing on the doorstep Granberg has a strong righty shot that kept goalies guessing. Look for Granberg to have a strong showing in the next few months. 

Quinton Brewster, 2023, Attack, Cityside Lax, Ballard High School

Brewster was playing like a quarterback, but wasn't afraid to matters into his own hand when he had the chance last weekend. The shifty left hander displayed top level vision as he was able to orchestrate an offense full of talented players. When Brewster creates separation with strong change of direction moves he always keeps his head up. He does a great job of reading the defense and slides, able to decipher if it was a good opportunity for him or to move the ball to open shooters. Brewsters passes were clean and always on a rope able to feed into tight windows. He has great finishing ability around GLE and the 5 by 5 area on the field, but is versatile enough to take runs from the high wings.  Brewster looks ready to be an impact player at the next level. 

Gavin Ouhrabka, 2023, Faceoff, Eclipse Black, New Hampton School

Ouhrabka was a grinder at the X at National Fall Showcase. There was not a faceoff he didn't have a fight in. He is strong on the ball and able to tie up just about anyone making it a scrap. While Ouhrabka is tough and plays physical he can also play with finesse. Demonstrating the ability to play fast he can pinch and pop quick and get out to safe space. He had a good feel for his wings locations able to communicate where he was going to get the ball out. Great at stick handling and able to push transition Ouhrabka seems to have everything you ask for in a top level faceoff athlete. 

Koen Block, 2023, Attack, Victoria Junior Shamrocks, Royal Bay Secondary

Block showed up representing the boys from up north and didn't disappoint. Block is a physical player and made his defenders grind to try and stop him from getting to the cage. He was never afraid of contact, rather he embraces it as a way to create space. He operates mostly on the low wing and GLE able to find success in a myriad of ways. Block plays a box style of lacrosse reading his defender extremely well and working off what he is given. Able to tuck it underneath as well as he can push top side Block is versatile. Demonstrating a strong shot from the outside Block can bring it from multiple release points making him hard to get a read on. Block looked to have a high lacrosse IQ able to place himself in the right spot to make plays whenever he was given the opportunity. After a good showing Block should be on coaches radars in the coming months. 

Dylan yeung, 2023, Defense, NH Tomahawks, Bishop Guertin

Continuing on a string of successful showings at Apex events, Yeung looked to be in top form last weekend. Pressing out just about anywhere on the field Yeung never gave ball carriers a second to breath. He isn't overly aggressive as he relies on his strong footwork and body positioning rather than his stick. He doesn't throw overly heavy checks, yet he is able to dislodge the ball by getting in offensive players hands and disrupting their rhythm. Yeung is strong off the ground and able to push transition due to having some top level stick work.  Continued development has led to Yeung looking more ready to take the step to play at the next level. 

Riley McClure, 2023, Midfield, 3d New England, Pingree School

McClure was a straight up playmaker last weekend in Bel Air.  With the ball in his stick McClure plays determined always looking to get the ball in the back of the net. He is athletic and shifty able to make defenders miss with strong change of direction moves and first step acceleration.  McClure is very dynamic in the sense that he can take it with either hand. Being able to play in either hand had defenders guessing as to what his next move was. When McClure did draw slides he read the defense extremely well. Hitting skips and inside cutters after reading slides and the off ball defense McClure picked apart defenses. Displaying such a high lacrosse acumen McClure looks to be a player college coaches need to keep an eye on in the coming months. 

Reece Pamintuan, 2023, Attack, Lacrosse Force/West Coast Warriors/Mad Dog West Elite, Pinecrest

Pamintuan made one thing clear last weekend, and that is he can put the ball in the back of the net. Pamintuan is about as shifty as they come as he was shaking defenders left and right. He can get up to speed in just a couple of steps, and often had defenders scratching their heads as he blew by them. Pamintuan has a very slick stick able to throw fakes that even got the camera man a couple of times. One of the brightest spots in Pamintuan's game is his shooting ability. Whether it being a step down from outside or a quick release on the run Pamintuan can bring the heat. His release is smooth and unpredictable making it tough for goalies to read. Pamintuan was picking corners and placing the ball where goalies had little to no chance to make a play. Pamintuan looks like a dynamic player that would fit well into any fast paced collegiate offense. 

Hampton Yarbrough, 2023, Defense, Team UNRL Navy, Stratford Academy

Yarbrough is a pure ballhawk, and his skills were on full display all over the field last weekend. On the ball Yarbrough is tough to get by, as he is physical and relentless with accurate and strong stick checks. He plays in a broken down stance and always seemed to keep ball carriers in check with superior body position. Off the ball he is just as successful able to read the offense well and pic lazy skip passes. He wasn't afraid to bring the body on slides, and frequently left offensive players picking themselves out of the dirt. Yarbrough is great with the ball in his stick and able to run transition offense in fast breaks, making him valuable as a do it all athletic defenseman. 

Griffin Howell, 2023, Goalie, Midwest Express, Zionsville

Howell looks to have picked up a thing or two from working with Blaze Riorden and Kyle Bernlohr as he played lights out last weekend. He seemingly has a knack for making incredible saves that seem all but lost. Howell is a ball stopper, explosive in net grabbing balls out of thin air. He is athletic able to stretch the pipes well and move laterally quickly to make saves. Howell plays in a strong stance and is able to get back into it after reset situations very well. Great outlet passes are just another great part of his game, as it all adds up for him to be a great player at the next level. 

Sean Merrill, 2023, Faceoff, Laxdawgs, Mt. Carmel

Merrill was a force at the X at Apex National Fall Showcase. Demonstrating some of the fastest hands off the draw there wasn't a matchup that Merrill didn't have a chance in. When he plays it forward the ball is out quick, and he is a viable threat on the offensive end. After the pinch and pop Merrill made a habit of using his great speed to put pressure on the defense in unsettled situations. Whether it was hitting the point man or taking it down the mouth of the defense Merrill always kept them on their toes. When he plays in a tie up he does a great job of scrapping it up and playing the ball out to areas where he can be most successful. Fighting for every GB Merrill has all that you ask for in a faceoff athlete and more. 

JD Landstrom, 2023, Defense, Team Minnesota, Minnetonka HS

Landstrom played lights out last weekend at our National Fall Showcase. He plays in a strong base and displayed some top tier footwork that allowed him to be a menace all over the defensive end. Lanstrom plays using the full length of his stick and is broken down and disciplined on approach.  He forced offensive players into areas where he could cause turnovers, but never seemed to overplay with his stick.  Landstrom showed off some high IQ by playing strong angles and forcing offensive players into bad shots. Great off the ground and an even greater leader on the defensive end Landstrom looks ready to be an impact player at the next level. 

George Hardy, 2023, Midfield, team 91 MD, Gilman

About as athletic as they come Hardy played on another level last weekend. Hardy typically operates in the high wings and once he is given space to get going it is hard to stop him. Able to take it with both hands he is a dynamic dodger keeping defenses guessing as to where he is going. Hardy has some top notch acceleration and can get free in just a couple steps. Once he is moving towards the cage Hardy does a great job of pulling shots on the run as they look to come in stride for him. Hardy also had success as an initiator as he was able to draw slides relatively quickly and keep his head up to find open shooters. Off ball he played just as well able to pull of some well timed cuts and slashes through the defense to get open looks.  Hardy looks to have all the makings of an offensive threat out of the box at the collegiate level. 

Thomas Nolan, 2023, LSM, Resolute Ohio Black, St. Ignatius HS

Nolan is as physical as they come, and he made it near impossible for offensive players to get away from him when the pressure was on. Range and great size are just at the forefront of Nolan's game, but technique and skill are where he shines. Nolan plays in a textbook stance able to maintain contact with ball carriers without even losing a step. He was moving offensive players off their lines at will, and forcing them into bad angles. Nolan throws heavy hard hitting checks but never did they put him out of position. Well timed and effective at knocking the ball loose Nolan's checks had ball carriers passing it more often than not. Nolan has the athleticism, size and IQ to be an impact player at the next level. 

Eddie Schwasnick, 2023, Defense, Igloo Black Diamond, Saint Anthony’s HS

Schwasnick seemed to fit the role of the lockdown cover defender well last weekend. He has great positioning and footwork that allow him to apply pressure all over the defensive end of the field. Schwasnick approaches the ball in near textbook fashion as he uses the full six feet of his stick to get into opposing players hands. off the ball Schwasnick is just as much of a presence. Echoing calls and showing some high lax IQ he was able to provide strong support defense through hedging and faking slides, a concept that most younger players have a hard time mastering. Continued improvement and development will have Schwasnick all over coaches boards. 

Nicholas Steele, 2023, Attack, FCA, Calvert Hall

Steele is a hustle player and it showed all over the field last weekend. There wasn't a play that Steele ever gave up on as he had one of the highest motors on the field. He is a downhill dodger and once he got a full head of steam he was hard to get a piece off. Steele has a textbook overhand shot that he pulls off on the run just as well as he does with time and room. After drawing slides Steele did a great job of finding the open man. Never playing too selfish he always kept his head up mid dodge finding open shooters on the backside. Look out for Steele to be an impact player in the upcoming spring season. 

Rob Pope, 2023, Midfield, MadLax Oregon AA, Jesuit

Pope is a flat out baller and he was making plays all over the offensive end of the field. Standing at 6'2 Pope has great size for a midfielder and makes good use of it, but never relies on it. Playing equally as well with both hands Pope was a matchup nightmare for defensive midfielders. He is quick and agile able to create space in small windows to get his hands free. Pope's game really shines when his shooting ability is on display. With either hand Pope can bring the heat, accurate and great placement his shots were near impossible to keep up with.  He is a dynamic dodger able to change direction on a dime and pull up or blow past defenders for easy inside finishes. Pope has all the makings of a dominant offensive midfielder at the collegiate level. 

DJ Cook, 2023, Midfield, 2Way, Brunswick School

Cook brought the energy and playmaking ability to both sides of the field down in Bel Air. Offensively Cook is shifty able to pull off some strong change of direction and change of speed dodging that left defenders scratching their heads. He is versatile able to initiate offense from almost any spot on the field. Shooting is a strong suit of his as he can place the ball well and changes his release angles to keep goalies on their toes. Defensively he does a great job of getting pieces of dodgers and when the ball is on the ground he never misses a chance to get in the mix. Throw in his ability to leg it on the clear and he is one scary player to line up against. 

Myles Pratt, 2022, Attack, PA Roughriders, Westtown

Pratt is an athlete with or without the ball in his stick, and wasn't afraid to lay into defenders. Pratt is a physical dodger able to lower his shoulder down and blow by defenders or through them. Once he creates space for himself he showed off a hammer of a shot that was near impossible for goalies to save. He does well embracing contact and playing off defenders body positions able to decipher whether going underneath would be as effective as pushing the topside. As an outside shooter he was exceptional always placing himself in spots to get quality takes. Pratt has the frame and confidence to be a pure playmaker and matchup nightmare at the next level. 

James Brocksmith, 2023, Defense, Tahoma LAX, Tahoma Senior High School

Brocksmith is a raw defender with incredible size and plays a physical game. Strong on the ball Brocksmith was knocking ball carriers around with some tough jams. Standing at 6'5 he has some serious range able to guard a large area of the field and maintain pressure on ball carriers from a distance. Brocksmith plays exceptionally well offball showing high lax IQ with his hedging and help defenses. Never dropping his stick he seemed to have a knack for clogging up passing lanes and knocking down skips. Clean off the ground and smart in the clear game, When Brocksmith grows into his body he will be a huge impact on the defensive end. 

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