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Faceoff Factory Summit Showcase WINNERS, FINALISTS, WRITE UPS

By Joe Nardella, Noah Rak, Kevin Reisman, 08/04/22, 10:15PM EDT


Google Photo Album from Faceoff Summit & Goalie 350 Showcases

Class of 2025 & 2026

1. Kyle Hata, 2025, DC Express

Hata was dominant both days at the FO Summit and was competitive against 23s and 24s during training roundsl. He is extremely quick, very strong, and gets tough ground balls. Kyle is the complete package and a must see player in the 25 class. - JN

2. Jayson Halpin, 2025, Patriot Elite

Halpin was extremely dominant all week. His rare blend of length, hand speed, skill, and faceoff IQ was apparent. His experience shows with how composed he remains in all FO situations. Halpin is one of those special FO men who the game seems to slow down for. We were very impressed. - JN

3. Frankie Forrest, 2025, Laxachusetts

Frankie had a break through week at the FO Summit. He was quick to the ball, exited efficiently, and was extremely scrappy on losses. As someone who works with Frankie year-round, he was definitely at his best when it mattered the most. He put together an extremely strong and consistent tournament round. - JN

4. Alex Dimnaku, 2026, 3D New England

Alex showed up during tournament time at the FO Summit. He not only was the last 26 standing, but he won in a variety of ways. His hand speed is his biggest strength but we saw him take a step forward in his ground ball game. He never quit on any play, was composed, and put the ball in really good spots when he got to it first to best many bigger, older competitors. - JN

5. AJ Yeung, 2026, NH Tomahawks

Although AJ was bounced from the tournament before our Championship rounds, he had an extremly strong showing both days. He was neck and neck with every 25 he battled against and was dominant against other 26s. He then went on to faceoff lights out at the Apex 60 event the following day. His rare blend of skill and savvy makes him extremly dangerous in the 26 class and is someone opponents will not want to see on the field. - JN

Class of 2024

1. Landon Parker, Juiced Cherries

Landon came back after a strong showing at our Fall Finale in front of college coaches to one up his performance at the FO Summit. He came from behind to win the 24 bracket showcasing wins in a variety of ways. His size and athleticism jump off the page. His hand speed and skill off the ground surprised opponents. Landon was a force all week and will be a must see 24. - JN

2. Sean Magtoto, Mad Dog West Elite

Sean may have had the fastest hands of any compeitor at the event. He was extremely quick, strong, and consisent both days. He was the runner up in the 24 bracket but bounced back to be our overall winner in the championship rounds. Sean was a matchup problem against everyone he faced and rarely lost the race to the ball. He saw a ton of people attempt to counter against him and showed that he is more than just a strong clamper. He was smart with his placement and rarely held up by opponents. - JN

3. Zach Ward, VLC Blue Crabs

Zach had a great few days at the FO Summit. He was actually the last FO man to experience a loss in our tournament rounds out of any division. He showed a nice mix of moves, was smart with his exits, stole faceoffs back on counters, and was consistently quick to the ball. Zach impressed against the 23s as well during our training rounds and will definitely be a 24 to keep an eye on this fall. We were very impressed with his play. - JN

4. Hunter Molway, Laxachusetts

 Hunter is a ‘total package’ faceoff athlete with the ability to not only win the clamp, but also a skilled  lacrosse player. He uses his athleticism to get tough GBs and is able to push transitions against opponents. 
- NR

5. Will Lavalle, 3D New England

Will was strong, patient, tough on ground balls, gave opponents fits with his counters, and seemingly found ways to win at all times throughout the FO Summit. He plays for one of the top 24 teams in 3D NE and his experience agaisnt top competition showed. He was composed and showed poise all week. His size definitely poses difficulty for opponents and he made it known that he will be a problem to deal with in the 24 class. - JN

6. Logan Banek, Orange Crush

Logan was a fierce competitor all week. Selling out on every ground ball, successfully exiting through pressure, winning faceoffs with athleticism, skill, and determination. Logan has the strength and speed to compete and win against anyone in the class. He is your class hard-nosed faceoff man that can help any team gain possessions. - JN

7. Hayden Cody, Fighting Clams

Hayden rounded out our finalists group of 2024s and solidified himself in this elite group. He showcased the some of the fastest hands and an uncanny ability to win forward at will. As he continues to develop and diversify his moves, he will become even more dominant. He did an excellent job controlling the ball all week. - JN

Class of 2023

1. Chris Esposito, 3D New England

Our 2023 Champ continued his strong 2022 campaign. He has taken off from winter training and dominated throughout his HS season and it has carried over into the summer. He dismantled the competition in his bracket at times. He is extremely quick to the ball and opponents could not stop him from getting out the front. He is also strong, stocky, and quick to loose balls. He may be a late bloomer but someone in the 2023 class is going to pickup a hidden gem in Esposito. - JN

2. Graham Ray, Edge

Graham is a very good athlete who is skilled at countering both before and after the whistle. If he loses the initial move he will scrap it up to get the ball back. - NR

3. Bill Mumaw, Maddog National

Billy has very good reaction time to the whistle with a strong right hand snapping down over and into the ball. His size and strength is something he uses to his advantage. With a big body Billy is able to peel his opponent’s off the ball using his weight as well as having clean exits blocking his opponents from disrupting his exits. -KR

4. Frank Mousa, 3D Texas

Frank was a tough match up for those who weren’t going to work hard after the draw itself. One of the scrappier 23’s in his class. Frank found a way to win faceoffs even when not winning the draw itself. A very good athlete who is not afraid to change it up and not just continue to clamp when that isn’t working. Very coachable and very consistent. - KR

5. Tim Golden, 4Leaf

Whether it’s winning the draw right off the whistle or countering his opponent’s, going against Tim is going to be very tiring. He has quick hands with really good foot work that allows him to win the clamp off the whistle or counter off the whistle and wear his opponents down. This tough 23 has a high ceiling and is eager to be the best he can be. - KR

6. Richie De Luna, True Philly

Richie competed and battled against high level 23’s in his class while making it far in the tournament round. He has a quick first move to the ball while being able to get it out quickly. He scrapped with top kids in his class and found a way to make it further in the tournament round. When you’re not winning the clamp, it shows how you face adversity and Richie did just that by winning faceoffs even when he would lose the clamp/draw itself. - KR