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Apex West Coast Showcase

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3. Once logged into your new or existing ConnectLAX account, click the 'Access Film' button.

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All-Stars BLUE

Garrett Lauterbach
Billy stephens
Jack Fairbanks
Joe Cavanaugh
Cole Rassas
Finn Hauhuth
Nathan Palumbo
Jairus Checketts
Jack Witham
Darius Stanley
Tommy Leonard
Gavin Dallas
Jacob Osborn
Will Ford
Nick Antonucci
Rees Chandler
Kade Miers
Henry Littell
Dalton Leary
Justice Sires
Owen Hudock

All-Stars White

James Van Metre
Eli Hinson
Miles Schmidt
Sean Magtoto
Hunter Bisbee
Blake Franckowiak
Walter Osowski
Caden Kesselring
Eric Bollar
Aidan Cushing
Lassen Felix
Thomas White
Ryder Ochoa
Boden Davidson
Jake Swift
Alec Straw
Lucas Kearney
Trevor Preston
Mitchell Riley
Weston Benson


Kai            Lockton          



Sunday January 24, 2021
  Field 1 Field 2
9:00 - 10:00 All-Star Game  
10:30 - 11:30 Foxtrot vs Hotel Echo vs Golf
11:30 - 12:30 Alpha vs Delta Bravo vs Charlie
12:30 - 1:30 Foxtro vs Echo Golf vs Hotel
1:30 - 2:30 Bravo vs Alpha Charlie vs Delta
Saturday January 23, 2021
  Field 1 Field 2
1:00 - 2:00pm Alpha vs Bravo Charlie vs Delta
2:00 - 3:00pm Echo vs Foxtrot Golf vs Hotel
3:00 - 4:00pm Alpha vs Charlie Bravo vs Delta
4:00 - 5:00PM Echo vs Hotel

Foxtrot vs Golf


Jake PIllsbury
James Van Metre
Eli Sherman
Jim Williams
Caleb Greenfield
Cole Rassas
Cole Seigler
Simon Montenecourt
Nathan Palumbo
River Oudemool
Alec Straw
Brendan Watson
Brian Straw
John Marcone
Riley Phillips
Ben Graham
Darius Stanley
Lassen Felix
Matthew Hanson


Lewis Schrock
Will Mayo
Micah Hanson
Gavin Iley
Caden Kesselring
Charlie Denlinger
Charlie Fielder
Kai Lockton
Peyton Rodriguez
Gunnar Hustead
Henry Littell
Weston Benson
Joshua Bailey
Finn O'Malley
Daniel Mclaughlin
Dylan Ochs
Nico Ursino
Camden Anderson
Boden Davidson


Garrett Lauterbach
Brenin Melton
Joseph Cavanaugh
Blake Bateman
Eli Spence
Matt Liu
Rowan Pritchard
Sergio Romero
Soren Savard
Xavier Henderson
Connor Jensen
Aidan Cushing
Kannon Cobb
Gunnar Sverdrup
Dalton Leary
Kade Miers
Mason Esplin
Trace White
Ethan Berndt
George Bratton


Jack Duffy
Jason Rubinstein
Owen Hudock
Brinley Chrzanowski
Blake Eklund
Ethan Tunucci
Jared Norris
Lane Kellogg
Kellen Seeley
Wyatt Robertson
Michael Ray
Eric Bollar
Parker Robbins
Seth Nelson
Ethan Hecht
Jackson Henninger
Mitchell Riley
Win Metcalf
Jack Fairbanks


Hunter Bisbee
Gage Feroy
Erik Volfson
Finn Hauhuth
Joseph Girardi
Weston Christensen
Connor Rassas
Trevor Preston
Landon Szymanski
Noah Burdick
Grant Grieves
Miles Schmidt
billy stephens
Brock Bird
Tommy Leonard
Brol Scherman
Sky Rold
Tommy Webster
Griffyn Weber


Mason Sanden
Walter Osowski
Reece Pamintuan
George Mullen
Landon Segal
Hudson Brown
Hunter Carver
Charlie McGinnis
Braden Knight
Brady Nickel
Wesley Rand Shepard
Brandon Micali
Kyle Morris
Thomas Finta
Nick Antonucci
Blair Brennan
Luke Aspnes
Hunter Munoz
Thomas White


Andrew Barlas
Jack Whitham
Jack Jenkins
Robert Grawemeyer
Rees Chandler
Liam Fallon
Thomas Sheumack
Justice Sires
Cameron Clark
William Rockwell
Graham Kaestner
Sean Magtoto
Eli Hinson
Oliver Pritchard
Aidan Landgraf
Riley Jenkins
johnny angelicola
Cale Maguire
Will Ford


Blake Franckowiak
Layton Speer
Jairus Checketts
Zach Quilici
RJ Wyrick
Lucas Kearney
Will Schneider
Colin Mcgrath
Nash Jarolem
Elliot Rutherford
Julian Tegtmeier
Wesley King
Kaidan Suh
Jacob Osborn
Ryder Ochoa
Nathan Safranek
Jake Swift
Gavin Dallas
Mason Lerma
Apex Legends West Coast Showcase

Live Scoring and Stats, Courtesy of ClubLax.Org, the leading live-scoring platform, will be providing real-time player stats and scores during the event. During and after the event, players will have access to their full statistics for promotion to college coaches and for recruiting purposes. Download the Clublax App.

The Best Players from the West

With over 220+ college commits in the last three years to the nation's top college programs, Apex Lacrosse Events is a nationally respected platform for the best players in the country. The A.W.C.S will be showcasing the very best players from California, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Washington, and Arizona! East Coast players are welcome as well!

Unprecented Times = Unprecedented Exposure

Getting the stamp of approval from being accepted and attending an Apex event is more valuable than ever right now. College Coaches ask us for our rosters and film after every single event.

Receive Instruction from the Best Players in the World

Each morning, players will receive small group instruction from the best players in the world today. We have multiple PLL Champions and MVPs attending the A.L.W.C.S.

Joe Nardella- PLL Whipsnakes,  NLL Blackwolves
Kyle Bernlohr - PLL Whipsnakes, 
Matt Rambo - PLL Whipsnakes, NLL Wings
Austin Pifani - PLL Atlas, NLL Wings
Blaze Riorden - PLL Chaos, NLL Wings

Chris Aslanian - MLL Outlaws
Pat Aslanian - MLL Outlaws, NLL Mammoth

4 Games, Film is FREE

Each player will have four games over the course of two days and the film will be provided FREE of charge.

All-Stars and Full Player Write Ups

Those who perform exceedingly will be selected as an All-Star and receive a write-up on the post-event recap article.

All-Star Helmets


January 23 & 24, 2021


Pacana Park
19000 N Porter Rd, Maricopa, AZ 85138


2021, 2022, 2023, 2024
Spots are Limited! Apply Now!  



Payment Plans Available on Checkout Page


A.W.C.S Player Packs

PLL & MLL Players On Staff

Matt Rambo - PLL Whipsnakes/ NLL Wings

Joe Nardella - PLL Whipsnakes/ NLL Blackwolves

Kyle Bernlohr - PLL Whipsnakes

Blaze Riorden - PLL Chaos/NLL Wings

Austin Pifani - PLL Atlas/ NLL Wings

Chris Aslanian - Denver Outlaws

Pat Aslanian - Denver Outlaws/ Colorado Mammoth

Refund Policy

In the event Apex Lacrosse Events is not able to host his event due to local/state/CDC guidelines, registrations will be refunded. AIG Offers Regsaver insurance at the checkout page that will cover injury and sickness. Rest assured, we will make every effort possible to run and operate our events in a safe manner.

Registration Insurance

Registration insurance is offered upon checkout through AIG/Regsaver. 


Contact Us

Questions? Please email


Interested in Joining Apex Lacrosse Events?

About Us

Apex Lacrosse Events believes in creating lacrosse experiences that players and families enjoy. We create events that focus on the game and why players play. Our goal is to create experiences that help athletes grow and reach their goals.

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What is The Apex Legends West Coast Showcase?


The Apex Legends West Coast Showcase is a chance to prove your one of the best from out west! A top showcase with instruction from some of the best Professionals in the game today.  PLL players will provide college-level instruction and give the players the tools to expand and strengthen their game. After receiving instruction players will be divided into teams and coached by PLL stars. The gameplay section of the event will be fully accessible via live stream. Those players who stand out above the rest will be recognized as All Stars and provided with a full write up as well as brand new Legends gear!