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Nordy's 2023 & 2024 All-Apex Team

By Jake Nordhausen, 08/31/20, 7:45PM EDT


Recognition of some the top Players from The Apex 60 Summer Finale Showcase

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Blake Frankcowiak - West Coast Starz, Corner Canyon HS
Tyler Mosca - NC Fusion, Northern Guilford
Joey Sacco - Upstate Salt Kings, Liverpool HS

Brody Muly  - Blue Star, Manasquan HS
Joe Duggan  - Cannons Select, Calvert Hall 
Ford Collins  - Blue Star,  Lawrenceville 

Ethan Gamma - NJ Riot, Don Bosco Prep
Adam Carroll - LI Express (LI), Choate Rosemary Hall
Dylan Yeung - NH Tomahawks, Bishop Guertin

Quinn Wojcik - Blue Star, Westfield HS

MVP Helmet Winners
Hunter Bisbee - Attack - NC Fusions, Grimsley HS
Rocco Bognet - Goalie - Looneys Lacrosse Club, Loyola Blakefield 
Ryan Colella - Defense - N.J Riot, Wayne Valley HS
Jackson Henehan - Faceoff - Eastern Mass Hawks, Marshfield HS


Blake Frankcowiak, 2023, Attack, West Coast Starz, Corner Canyon HS

Rep after rep this week Franckowiak proved that he belonged on the field at Apex 60. Evaluators had extremely high praise for the young player, and they were very impressed with his footwork and vision. Franckowiak has top level quickness and change of direction dodges that made him a tough man to cover. Watching Franckowiak operate from the X is a spectacle because a defender usually ends up picking himself out of the dirt. With a Slick stick to boot Franckowiak looks to be a quarterback in the making with equal ability to distribute as well as finish. Ample time to grow and develop will only make Franckowiak a more appealing recruit to any D1 program. 

Ethan Gamma, 2023, Defense, N.J Riot, Don Bosco Prep

Ethan Gamma: Gamma showed up to play this week at Apex 60, and from the start he demonstrated to evaluators that he is not afraid to bring the body. All event Gamma showed off his high lacrosse acumen by placing himself in perfect help positions without having to commit to a slide.(0:36). Always showing patience on the defensive end, Gamma threw checks only when needed and relied on his feet and body position to contain offensive players. His Lacrosse IQ presents itself in many ways, but the way he plays shooters angles puts it into perspective(1:09). Gamma is young, but his understanding of the game is that of a collegiate player. The potential for Gamma to make an impact at the D1 level is high, and with some work on his lateral speed he could be the anchor on defense for a number of top collegiate programs.

Ford Collins, 2023, Blue Star lacrosse, The Lawrenceville School

 The Phrase one college coach made in his evaluation to describe Collins was “absolute grinder”. Collins seems to have a motor that never runs out, and you see it all over the field. He is the epitome of the ever evolving position of the college midfielder. Collins can play stand up defense with almost any offensive player. His ability to stay in the offensive players hip pocket can be compared to that of a basketball player on defense. Never stick happy, Collins demonstrates patience while on the ball and relies more on body position than throwing checks. However this week Collins put his offensive acumen on display for evaluators. In the transition game Collins knew exactly when pushing the envelope was necessary, but never put his head down and missed open teammates. All week Collins was able to get downhill on defenders and pull off some pretty shots on the run. Collins is everything you ask for in a SSDM at the D1 level, and he has the offense wherewithal to become a two way Midfielder for some elite D1 Programs. 

Tyler Mosca, 2023,Attack, N.C Fusion, Northern Guilford High School

Mosca made his presence known in the All-Star game with his inside finishing and top notch stickwork. As a scorer Mosca is not afraid to push low angles and smaller windows of opportunity, but never in a reckless manner(1:02). Stick protection is another strength that showed in Moscas game. Never hanging or exposing his stick to trail checks Mosca was able to pull off some incredible finishes in tight, and coaches took notice. Throw in his ability to facilitate the offense from the X with his vision and crisp passing and Mosca seems to have the makings of a D1 Attackman. 

Dylan Yeung, 2023, Defense, New Hampshire Tomahawks, Bishop Guertin

Displaying the ability to apply pressure all over the field Yeung does not back down from offensive players. This week Yeung looked fundamentally sound across the board with his strong stance and quick footwork. Yeung constantly had his stick in shooters hands, yet he never lost a step on offensive players. He times his checks extremely well and with precision leading to a lot caused turnovers(0:55). Another area where Yeung made some big time plays was the transition game. Clean off the ground and able to push transition with ease, Yeung was able to impress Evaluators with his speed and clean stickwork. Checking all the boxes Yeung looks like he would transition easily to the D1 level.

Brody Muly, 2024, Midfield, Blue Star Lacrosse, Manasquan HS

Muly is raw, but he has the building blocks and athleticism to be a D1 standout. His Ability to get hands free and create separation on the dodge is something that separated himself from his peers. His footwork and speed are top level and he has the lacrosse IQ to put himself in the right spot to be successful for his team. He makes his shots count and places the ball where the goalies cant get a clean save off. This week Muly also impressed evaluators with the intangibles. His hustle, work ethic, and coachability were noted as strong parts of his game which makes him ideal for any D1. Muly is ready to be molded into an elite player and be a part of any top level program.

Joey Sacco, 2023, Attack, Upstate Salt Kings, Liverpool HS

A good sign of a mature player on the offensive end is creating offense with offball movement, and Sacco made it evident that this is not the only area where he can be successful. Sacco did an excellent job of presenting himself in shooting spots, and when he had those opportunities he capitalized. Sacco sports a clinical overhand shot and rarely made shots easy for goalkeepers throughout the week. While Sacco may excel at playing offball he really shines when keeping his head up during the dodge. Seemingly never taking his eyes off other players, Sacco managed to pull off clean feeds throughout the week and made it look easy. Simple gains in footwork and speed will make Sacco a solid pickup for any collegiate program. 


Joe Duggan, 2023, Midfield, Cannons Select, Calvert Hall HS

This week at Apex 60, Duggan made it clear that he wants more coaches' eyes on him, and he definitely deserves them. Duggan is a tough offensive midfielder with no fear in dodging pole match ups. His change of direction dodging was decisive and he made defenders think twice about rushed approaches(0:37). Duggan also has the vision to find open shooters all over the field once he has drawn a slide. Never forcing a feed or shot Duggan has the maturity to pull the ball out to live another day. His ability isn't limited to the offensive end as he can stand up would be dodgers with a solid jam to the hips. A Calvert Hall product Duggan looks to have the pieces of a standout D1 midfielder.

Quinn Wojcik, 2023, Goalie, Blue Star Lacrosse, Westfield HS

This week in the cage in the Young Guns all star game Wojcik looked like a field general. His communication to his defense was constant and audible across the field. Wojcik holds his pipes and angles well while maintaining a textbook stance, seemingly dialed in on every possession Wojcik was lights out all week long. Inside saves seem to be routine for Wojcik, so he often makes a clean save and gets the ball up and out to the man breaking out. Wojcik has the presence and size in net to limit the ability of outside shooters. His performance at Apex 60 did not go unnoticed, so look out for Wojcik in the coming months as he possesses a lot of skills that would make him a perfect fit for any top D1 program.

Adam Carroll, 2023, Defense, Express Lacrosse LI, Choate

Rounding out the young guns on defense is Adam Carroll. Displaying confidence without the ball, Carroll is not afraid to play aggressive. He has excellent lateral speed which allows him to recover with ease. Fundamentally he has everything you look for in a defender with his ability to apply controlled pressure without compromising his position on the ball. Evaluators also took note of his game sense, and in particular his ability to place himself in correct support position’s offball. Carroll already incorporates a lot of college level techniques into his game, so with a couple months of practice at a D1 program he could really mold into a top level defender.

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