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Nordy's 2022 & 2021 All-Apex Team

By Jake Nordhausen, 09/01/20, 3:45PM EDT


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All-Apex Attack
Conor Hooley - Team Minnesota, Woodbury HS
PJ Oppenheimer - Attack - Dukes LC, LaSalle College HS
Brandon Perkins -  Attack - True Lacrosse, Lake Mary HS

All-Apex Midfield
Luke Scarpello - Midfield - SouthShore, St. Augustine Prep
Isaac Korus - Midfield - Primetime, Taft School 
Brody Coleman -  Midfield - Orange Crush, Cazenovia HS

All-Apex Defense
Jared Cohen - LSM - Swarm Lacrosse, Pascack Valley HS
Zachary Laperriere - Defense - Blue Star Lacrosse, Haddonfield Memorial HS
Logan Mueller - Defense - Predators Lacrosse, Brunswick HS

All-Apex Goalies
AJ Apel -  Goalie - 2 Knights, Bridgewater HS

MVP Helmet Winners
Carter Kempney - Midfield - Orange Crush, Carthage HS
Cardin Stoeller - Goalie - Team 91 Maryland, Boys Latin School
Tim Evnin - Attack - Express North, St. Georges School
Max Wooten - Defense - Amped, Albemarle HS
Quinn Warwick - Faceoff - Nation United, Greenwich HS

Conor Hooley, 2022, Attack, Team Minnesota, Woodbury HS

First Highlight is Connor (Chrome Helmet and Blue Head) at 00:10 in...

An evaluator from last week's Apex 60 event left a one word comment on Hooley that was simple and effective in describing him  “Animal”. Hooley demonstrated high IQ all week with his vision and ability to place himself in shooting spots. He seemed to think two passes ahead, showing a depth of understanding of offensive movement. However with the ball in his stick Hooley is just as lethal. He has an explosive first step and can create separation to get off clean shots or find open shooters(1:17). Hooley brought it to Apex 60, and D1 coaches looking for someone to create from X need not look much further. 

Logan Mueller, 2022, Defense, Predators Lacrosse, Brunswick HS

Flying around the field, Mueller made plays all week of imposing his will on opposing offensive players. With “great feet that never stop moving” Mueller never seemed to miss a step or overextend and frequently caused turnovers with his constant pressure(1:30). Mueller is great at timing checks, throwing only necessary and effective checks that keep attackers at bay. The Transition game comes natural for Mueller as he can push the ball upfield and capitalize on break opportunities. Mueller’s frame and athleticism make him versatile enough to play both close defense as well as long stick midfielder. Mueller is coachable and has a motor that seems to stop which makes him a great pickup for any top D1 School. 

Isaac Korus, 2022, Midfield, Primetime, Taft School

Korus Lived up to all the pre event praise before Apex 60, and showed that it was most certainly deserved. Korus dominated the middle of the field dodging players at will. His change of direction dodges were shifty and Korus drew slides on nearly every time he decided to have a go at the cage. Whether it's putting the ball in the back of the net or finding the open man Korus can produce offensively effortlessly. Not Limited to the offensive end, Korus showed Utility as a two way midfielder all week(1:46). He isn't afraid to get a piece of guys and get on his hips. He continues to impress and out perform himself. Korus is seemingly ready to step into an impact role at a D1 program as is.

PJ Oppenheimer, 2022, Attack, Dukes LC, LaSalle College HS

Standing at 6’5 and weighing 240 Oppenheimer's size would lead you to believe he isn’t a dodging threat, but that was far from the case this week at Apex 60. Oppehemier is as athletic as they come and it shows all over the field. Whether it’s in the ride or finishing a behind the back Shot on the run he just makes plays(0:48). He demonstrated all week that he knows how to use his frame to maximize his offensive abilities. Oppenheimer was able to own the 5x5 spot at will, Yet he is not reliant on his size to be successful. Given time and room he will put the ball in the back of the net with some heat. Oppenheimer was an impact player as soon as he stepped on the field, and D1 Coaches should take notice.

Zachary Laperriere, 2022, Defense, Blue Star Lacrosse, Haddonfield Memorial HS

Laperriere came to Apex 60 with a chip on his shoulder and it was noticeable. From the first whistle he was dialed in and looked aggressive out of the gate. Lapierre has a great frame and athleticism that allow him to pressure ball handlers all over the field, His Lateral speed and top end footwork allow him to maintain a broken down stance while on the ball. Laperriere showed patience all week while throwing checks, but when he threw them he made them count(0:07). Hanging sticks does not seem to be an option while matched up against Laperriere or he will make them pay. With a business first mentality on the field, Laperriere seems to have all the intangibles to back up his top level play. D1 coaches should start taking notice of him if they haven't already.

Luke Scarpello, 2022, Midfield, SouthShore, St. Augustine Prep

During the Apex 60 2021/2022 all-star game, Scarpello let people know not to give him a short stick matchup. Scarpello was complemented by evaluators for his “High IQ” and his understanding of the game definitely showed. Scarpello becomes dangerous when he combines his top end speed with his clean stick. Equally capable in both hands when he gets downhill there seems to be no way to stop him(1:03). The most important thing to take away from the evaluators comments was that he is a “good TEAMMATE!”. Scarpello may be a force with the ball, but he understands that he brings his teammates around him up. He always kept his head up on the dodge and fought for every loose ball. D1 Programs can always find great players to recruit, but finding great teammates who are also great players is something special. Scarpello can be that player for any top D1 program.  

AJ Apel, 2021, Goalie, 2 Knights, Bridgewater HS

Apel commanded a star studded defense in the all star game, but even with all that talent around him he was able to shine through. Apel was confident in net and was never afraid to make a play. His stance is strong and his first step to the ball is explosive(0:55). Inside shots seem to be light work for Apel as his quick hands allow him to track shooters stick’s.During the week Apels communication never faltered as he called out slides, shooters, and cutters. Apel was a leader between the pipes which translated well into the clearing game. His Clearing  passes are crisp and on a rope allowing Apel to find Midfielders breaking up the field with ease. Apel has the characteristics and skills that comprise a top D1 netminder.

Brandon Perkins, 2021, Attack, True Lacrosse, Lake Mary HS

Perkins had one of the slickest sticks on the field this week, and he showed it off big time in the 2021/2022 All-Star game. Perkins is reminiscent of a candian attackman, tough, physical and able to pull off some crazy inside finishes. Operating on the left wing, Perkins can push it to the cage or spot up and pick corners which places defenders in a compromising position upon approach(2:23). Perkins brough energy all over the field and it was infectious. He hustles all over the field fighting for ground balls and trying to cause turnovers. Perkins is a hard working player who would be a good fit at any top D1 program.

Jared Cohen, 2021, LSM, The Swarm Lacrosse, Pascack Valley HS

Physical and athletic Cohen is tough to beat on the ball. At Apex 60 evaluators noticed Cohens ability to pressure the ball, but used good angles to recover and not give up position. His approaches are that of a veteran defenseman, using his full stick length and touting a strong bent knee stance. His length allows for him for him to keep his stick up and in passing lanes discouraging and knocking down passes(0:53). Another strength of Cohen’s is his willingness to bring the body with his slides. Making sure to contain the attacker Cohen followed up slides with some hits that stopped dodgers in their tracks. Some time in the film room and hitting the wall will make him a top prospect for D1 programs.

Brody Coleman, 2022, Midfield, Orange Crush, Cazenovia HS

Coleman is a long dodger, and when he gets a head of steam it gets increasingly more difficult to stop him. At Apex 60 Coleman warranted an early slide in anticipation of a short stick getting burnt. However Colemans strength is his ability to reset his feet and push a re-dodge(0:42). Coleman has a slick stick and vision to boot, so if he isn’t going to the cage he will find the open man. Against some of the best midfielders in the country Coleman was able to beat most of them off the first step, showing off some excellent footwork in the country. Unafraid to put his body on the line for a right look, Coleman is a hard nosed dodger that could aid many D1 teams in bolstering their office.

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