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Apex Fall National 2022 Highlights, All-Star Write Ups, Photos

By Jake Nordhausen, 10/20/20, 10:45AM EDT

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2022 All-Star Write Ups

GAME MVP - Bryce Madden, 2022, Faceoff, Resolute, St. Edwards

Madden’s hustle never stopped this weekend as he fought for every possession for his team. He was clean at the X and was able to make safe exits to secure the ball. Madden had high confidence with the ball in his stick, and wasn’t afraid to push transition when provided the opportunity. Madden was the MVP of the 22’ All- Star game and will be a huge pickup for a top college program.

Alex Chanawatr, 2022, LSM, Mad Dog CA, Corona Del Mar

Chanawatr was flying around the field this Sunday in Bel Air, MD. Chanawatr is aggressive but never out of position. On the defensive end he throws effective checks while maintaining a strong stance. Chanawatr had top level stick skills and showed a strong affinity for transition game opportunities. Never shying away from the ball Chanawatr looks to be a great fit into a high paced collegiate Defense.

Palmer Yates, 2022, Midfield, Maroons, Ridgewood

Yates made it a habit of being in the right place and the right time Sunday. Displaying High Lacrosse IQ he was always in an open presenting his stick as a target. Whether on a step down or cutting across the crease there wasn’t a spot on the field where yates couldn’t finish. Yates has the IQ and the athleticism to fit into any top level college roster.

Drew Dummer , 2022, Defense, Laxachusetts, Belmont Hill

Dummer was a walking takeaway on Sunday during the all star game. His checks are heavy and always seem to be effective. Dummer does a great job of waiting for offensive players to expose their sticks while making moves before striking. He is athletic as they come and looks poised in the clear when he pushes the ball up the field with his feet. After his performance in the all star game he should be garnering more notice from college coaches.

Thomas Giannetti, 2022, Defense, Predators, Rye HS

Giannetti played with a chip on his shoulder all day on Sunday and evaluators and pro players took notice. There was never a play or ball that he gave up on. Giannetti threw some heavy checks that made dodgers second guess sizing him up. He touts a strong defensive base that allows him to play physical defense without losing a step on offensive players. Strong technically and physically Giannetti looks like a great pick up for any  college program. 

Gunnar Young, 2022, Defense, Mesa, Haverford

Young made it clear Sunday he can lock down just about any player that comes his way. Athletic and rangey he makes it difficult for offensive players to gain any space when dodging. Young was constantly in hands and played his angles extremely well all day. Young excelled in the clear game thanks to some clean GB’s and great open field speed. Add his offball positioning into the mix and he looks ready to step onto campus and compete at the collegiate level.  

Matthew Sparhuber, 2022, LSM, Team 91 Smash, Comsewogue

Once Sparhuber stepped out of the substitution box there was no stopping him from terrorizing offensive players. On approaches he can close ground quickly and frequently jarred the ball loose with a check upon arrival. His motor never dropped and his acceleration and top end speed are more than exceptional. His clean stick skills make clearing and transition look easy for the pole. Sparhuber is everything you ask for in an athletic LSM.   


James Haley, 2022, Attack, Leading Edge, Westfield HS

Versatility was the name of Haley's game this weekend. Whether taking defenders to the rack or facilitating the offense from X he was able to make plays all over the offensive end. Haley looked comfortable and confident with the ball in his stick. When he started to draw early slides his vision allowed him to find the open man with ease. Athletic enough to get a step on most defenders Haley looked dangerous amongst a group of top level players, and college coaches should take notice. 

Dean Wolfe, 2022, Attack, Big 4 HHH, Wissahickon

When presented with scoring opportunities Sunday Wolfe did not disappoint. His ability to change the release point of his shot had goalies guessing all day. Not limited to finishing Wolfe’s game shined when he made some incredibly athletic change of direction moves. He showed promise with his ability to bounce away from slides and re-dodge defesemen. Wolfe looked like a quarterback on the field, and should be popping up on more college coaches radars.


Kavin Wood, 2022, Attack, Red Devil United NC, Cary Academy (NC)

Impressing Apex coaches and evaluators yet again Wood looked to be in top form on Sunday. With an explosive first step Wood can get past almost any defender. He can handle and operate with the ball in either hand. Once in open space Wood was a nightmare for defenses. Always keeping his head up avoiding slides and doubles seemed routine. Wood has shown growth in his game since our Greensborough event, and looks to be the kind of spark plug player any college coach would love to have on their roster.

Matt McCabe, 2022, Attack, Richmond Hawks, Douglas Freeman

McCabe showed up to play this Sunday at our Fall National Showcase. McCabe is a change of direction dodger and has some serious shake in his game. Excellent footwork and stick protection allow McCabe to operate in tight windows. McCabe’s game becomes lethal when he is able to create space from the slide and find the open man. McCabe is athletic enough to also come out of the box making him a versatile player college coaches shouldn't pass up on.

Tim Devir, 2022 Midfield, Steps/MLC, Ridgewood

A very smart midfielder from a hotbed town that produced a lot of All-Stars, Tim was a versatile midfielder all day long and garnered the approval of his teammates for his hustle between the lines and defense. He garnered a lot of attention from Coaches Kyle Bernlohr and Noah Rak. A rock solid player that made the smart plays all weekend long, Devir's IQ and small plays are what will make him integral to any team looking to create victory.

Ryan Boyd, 2022, Goalie, STEPS, Chatham HS

Boyd continued an impressive run of events this weekend with a top notch performance in Bel Air, MD. Boyd looked to be a leader in net Sunday and his communication never dropped. His stance looked like a textbook and he was making doorstep saves all day.  Boyd’s game has only improved since our event in Warwick, NY, and he looks to be growing into a top level college commit.

Will Anderson, 2022, Midfield, Maroons, Ridgewood

Creating just a step of space Sunday gave Anderson the ability to pull shots from anywhere on the field. Anderson dominated the middle of the field and was a force on the offense end for the Navy team. He excelled in space and once he had a full head of steam it was near impossible to catch up. Anderson can pull shots on the run just as easily as he can spot up from range. He is athletic and has the IQ to make an impact on any competitive collegiate roster.

Sam Silvernan, 2022, Goalie, Express North, Trinity Pawling

Silverman saw a lot of shots Sunday, yet his energy in net never seemed to waver. Silverman was dialed in the net. He is light on his feet and has an explosive first step. His athleticism shined in the all star game as he showed off his flexibility with some crazy split saves. In the clear game he was dropping passes in some tight windows to midfielders screaming up the sideline. Silverman looks poised in net and can definitely lead a defense like a collegiate player.

Jay Rualo, 2022, Midfield, FCA Maryland, Calvert Hall

An evaluator Sunday best described Rualo as a “swiss army knife”. His hustle and tempo never stopped as he made plays all over the field. On the offensive end Rualo has some serious shake and when he gets downhill it is hard to catch up. He is at his best shooting on the run, pulling his stick back to conceal his release. Defensively he is a force on the ball. He brought some pretty physical punches that discouraged would be dodgers. Throw in the fact that he can compete on the draw and Rualo looks perfect for a college team looking for a guy who can be impactful anywhere on the field. 

Charlie Pyfer, 2022, Midfield, ADVNC, St. Ignatius CA

Pfyer was a workhorse this weekend on both ends of the field. Pfyer looks like a perfect recruit for any team looking for a stud two way midfielder. He is athletic as they come and has great acceleration and top end speed. In the all star game he stood out for his stout defense on some top level talent. Great at clearing the ball and pushing transition Pyfer’s confidence never drops with or without the ball in his stick. Offensively he sports a simple and effective overhand shot that is lethal on the run. College coaches need more two-way players then ever, and Pyfer is the perfect fit.  

Mark Cheng, 2022, Attack, Dukes Elite, Miramonte

Operating behind the cage and on the low wing Cheng was a handful on Sunday. He thrives with initiating from behind, and has a top level wrap around shot that forces goalies to always be ready for a shot. His acceleration out of change of direction moves is top notch, and he has excellent body control around the crease that makes finishing looks routine. Cheng has the confidence of a collegiate attackman going to the rack, and should be popping up on coaches radar.


Aidan Behr, 2022, Midfield, Legends, Vestivia (CA)

Behr was electric all over the field Sunday in the all star game. He is a jitterbug dodger who can create space in very tight areas. He can operate moving at full speed making it difficult for goalies to know when he is pulling shots. His game looked even stronger when his vision opened up as he was finding open shooters all over the field. Bouncing away from the slide and hitting an open man on the crease seemed commonplace. After this weekend college coaches should give Behr another look.


Luke Scarpello, 2022, Midfield, SouthShore, St. Augustine Prep

Building on his game since Apex 60, Scarpello looked to be in top form Sunday in the all star game. His high IQ separated himself among a group of very talented players. Scarpello was a conductor on the offensive end. He is as unselfish of a player as they come,  but when he decides to go cage he's extremely efficient. Equally strong in both hands he was a nightmare for defenses on Sunday. Whether coming of a pick or out of roll dodge he can put the ball in the back of the net, and college coaches should be taking note.

James Van Metre, 2022, Goalie, Midwest Express, Loyola Academy

Patient in net, Van Metre looked like a seasoned veteran against a group of good shooters. He’s got a good frame that he uses to eat up a lot of net. What was most impressive is how calm he remained in net even as shooters were catching it on his doorstep. Van Metre tracked shooters stick well Sunday, following with a clean punch and step to the ball for routine saves. His communication never dropped and he was echoing calls that were audible across the field. Van Metre is mature, and looks ready to step onto a college campus.

Rudy Zarate, 2022, Goalie, Stickstar, St. Marys Hall Houston

Coming all the way from Houston, Zarate did not disappoint Sunday. Zarate was exciting to watch as he made some incredible saves Sunday in the all star game. He rocks a  wide stance and presents himself in a way that is discouraging to shooters. He has an athletic step to the ball and was extremely successful on inside doorstep saves. He’s got clean outlets and never seemed to force a clearing opportunity. After a couple of successful Apex performances in a row college coaches should give him another peek.  

Johnny Kidd, 2022, Faceoff, Blackwolf, Paul VI

Kidd got some pre event hype and he more than lived up to it.  He is quick off the draw, and was typically able to push transition right off the whistle. If he did get tied up he had great exits and was able to get clean pulls to his wings uncontested. Kidd has great speed and used it frequently to escape from sticky double teams by the midline. His effort level never dropped as he fought for every GB in a competitive Faceoff battle in the All Star game. An athletic hard nosed player like Kidd will fit right in at Lehigh.

Owen Kovacs, 2022, Attack, Predators, Rye HS

Kovacs brought the heat this Sunday in Bel, Air. Equally talented in both hands his side arm release was difficult for goalies to stop all day. Kovacs is deadly with time and room from the wing. Off ball cuts can typically lead to Kovacs pulling off some circus-like crease finishes. Kovacs can also use his frame to get into defenders and fight for his topside strong hand. Kovacs looks to have the shooting ability to bolster any collegiate offense needing to add range.

Caden Blandford, 2022, Attack, Blackwidow, Gov. Mifflin

Blandford is very difficult to move with the ball in his stick. When he gets into his dodge he does a great job of absorbing contact and not letting it move him off of the line of his dodge. Not solely relying on physical play his split dodge had defenders missing all day. Off the ball he does a great job of presenting himself on the crease. Always seemingly following the slide to find the gap in the defense and get more space to pull off a shot. Caden looks like the type of athletic attackman college programs are looking for. 

Walker Popko, 2022, Attack, Performax, Canisius HS

 Popko played a very balanced game this weekend and showed confidence in a top group of competition. At 6’2 170 he is very athletic and moves with some speed on and off the ball. He has a textbook overhand shoot and with time and room he rarely misses. He is crafty with his finishing ability inside able to pull off some crazy behind the back finishes. Throw in his ability to shoot on the run and his chances of being an impact player at a top school look good. 

Christopher Gaine, 2022, Attack, 2Way, Brunswick

At 6’2 200 lbs you would think Gaine is reliant on his size to win matchups, but that is far from the case. Sizing up his matchup his first step allows him to cover a lot of ground. Gaine can cut back on a dime with some shifty change of direction moves. There isn't a matchup in the all star game that Gaine shied away from. Gaine looks to have all the intangibles that make up a hard nosed dodger for a college team.

Matt Thurston, 2022, Attack, Maroons, Ridgewood

Thurston took over the 22’ All star game and was making highlight plays the entire game. Whether it was bounce passes, behind the backs, or step downs from range Thurston made it look easy. He looks more than comfortable in his frame and made some incredibly athletic finishes around the crease. He can push it with either hand and isn't afraid to share the rock. Thurston looks to be a guy who can walk on campus at anywhere and be an impact player.

Kyle Goldberg, 2022, Midfield, Krakens, Gulliver (FL)

Goldberg made plays all on both ends of the field on Sunday. The first thing that strikes you about his game is his speed. Goldberg can accelerate quickly and create space on defenders in just a few yards. He has great stick protection so slashing through the heart of the defense is no worry. His finishing was top notch showing strength in both hands from range and in tight. Great off the ground and on the defense end he looks to be a great candidate for a two way midfielder position on any college roster.

Dan Anderson, 2022, Midfield, Orange Crush, CBA Syracuse

Anderson is a long dodger from up top and he’s effective at what he does. He has speed to blow by defenders and great body control to weave his way through the interior of the defense. When Anderson got to the middle of the field he was a nightmare for the defense. He has a strong roll dodge amplified by his ability to pull it with both hands. When he draws early slides his recognition is solid usually finding the open man inside for a good look. Anderson looks ready to be an impact player on a a college coaches squad.

Alex Pfieffer, 2022, Midfield, Team 91 Smash, Sachem North

Pfieffer is a hustle player through and through. He is unselfish with the ball and takes on a quarterback role when on the offensive end. He has the ability to facilite with his feet with some shake and speed. When he draws slides he does a great job of finding the open player. Pfieffer seemed to place himself in prime shooting spots all game long Sunday, and looks to be a big pick up for the Great Danes.

Neil Capin, 2022, Midfield, West Coast Starz, Coronado HS

Capin made quick work of defenders on Sunday as he slashed through entire defenses. He has the ability to isolate defenders in open space and blow by them without receiving contact. Capin can finish with either hand and is extremely efficient in his shot selection. Capin’s game takes a jump when he gets early slides from the defense. He keeps his head up while dodging which allows him to find the open man with ease due to the amount of space he creates off the dodge. Capin is as athletic of a long dodger as they come and college coaches should be paying more attention. 

Ben Graham, 2022, Midfield, So Call Bulls, Sierra Canyon

Evaluators noted Graham as a workhorse on Sunday in our all star game. Graham is quicker than any player on the field, and this makes him ideal for wingplay. Numerous times on Sunday Graham could be seen bursting out of a scrum for a fast break. Add in the ability to take draws and he becomes a lot more valuable. If you don't get hands on Graham early in his dodge you will probably be getting slid to. Graham also has range because of his precise shot placement. College coaches could have Graham on their radar after this weekend.

Brendan Sargent, 2022, Midfield, FLG, Manhasset

Sargent is as technical as they come. When it comes to dodging. He was able to pull off a couple change of direction moves into nice shots off on the run. Sargent’s strongest move is his hitch. When he freezes the defense and is able to step into a shot in the middle of the field he is almost automatic. Sargent is active without the ball in his stick always making himself a threat offball at almost any spot. Sargent looks to have strong potential as an offensive midfielder for a competitive program. 

Hunter Smith, 2022, Defense. FCA Maryland, McQuaid Jesuit

Smith looked picture perfect in his stance guarding offensive players on Sunday. Broken down and stick out in front on approach Smith was difficult to get by. He doesn't throw a lot of checks, but he is constantly in opposing players hands pestering them to move the ball along. His punches are physical and frequently move attackers off their line. He is great in the clearing game, able to move it with both his stick and his feet. Smith checks all the boxes of a top defender.

Patrick Leder, 2022, Defense, FLG, Manhasset

Leader showed that he is a High IQ defensemen with some serious skill this weekend. He is mean on the ball, but never too over aggressive to where he puts himself out of position. His IQ was evident when he positioned himself in support positions. Leder was frequently able to place himself  between his man and the ball to fake slides. He is clean off the ground and  has an exceptional stick. Leder is disciplined and looks to be a good fit as a legit cover defender.

Finn Ahrens, 2022, Defense, Predators, Rye HS

Ahrens was a menace all over the field over in Bel Air, MD Sunday. He plays with confidence in all aspects of the game from individual defense to running through ground balls. Ahrens is a ballhawk, and Sunday in the all star game he did not give offensive players a chance to breathe. He has a great stick and was able to knock down several passes by dragging his pole in passing lanes. Ahrens looks great in transition and could be a great pick up for any team looking for a versatile and athletic defender.

Zach Laperriere, 2022, Defense, Blue Star, Haddonfield

Lapeirre looked even more dominant than when he was at our Apex 60 event. He has great size and athleticism that make him a perfect cover defender. Laperriere’s range allows him to play patiently and throw well timed checks that frequently dislodge the ball. He touts a strong stance and is physical on the ball moving offensive players with force. It's in his blood as the son of famous NHL Enforcer Ian Laperriere. Zach looks eager to get better, and should be tracking on coach's boards. 

Maddox Rickens, 2022, LSM/SSDM, Resolute OH, St. Francis

Rickens is not afraid to bring the body, and that was clear from the opening whistle this Sunday. He is athletic enough to tackle the SSDM role which made him more than useful on the wings all day. Ricekns can play lock up defense on almost any midfielder and always makes himself a threat in transition. Rickens is a gritty player whose hustle never seems to falter, and seems to fit right into the role of the ever expanding defensive midfielder at the next level. 

Chris Caldwell, 2022, defense, True Utah, IMG Academy

Caldwell was electricity on the field Sunday. He is an aggressive LSM who isn’t afraid to take calculated risk. Caldwell has the ability to throw some crazy checks without putting himself out of position. Going over the head is never reckless because his recovery from a miss is so quick. He plays aggressive in transition and is a vacuum in the middle of the field. Caldwell would be a boost of energy for any coach's roster.

Tyler Slabinski, 2022, Midfield, Team 91 MD, St. Paul's

Slabinski do it all offensively. He seemingly put himself in prime finishing positions all day Sunday. Slabinski has a heater of a shot, and can bring it with both hands. His hustle never seemed to drop a percentage as he cut without the ball. Slabinski also excels at pulling shots on the run. He has the athleticism and speed to blow by defenders and pull shots moving at top speed. Following his performance Sunday, Slabinski should be moving up on college recruiting boards.

Richard Kolick, 2022, Defense, True National, Carmel HS (Indiana)

plating with grit and controlled aggression all day Sunday there seemed to be no ball Kolick would not fight for. He is sound and technical in his stance, always approaching with control and discipline.  Kolick uses the full length of his stick, but never seems to overly reliant on checks. Clean stickwork and good open field speed make him great for clearing and transition game. College coaches should be looking out west more if they don't want to miss the opportunity to pick up top level players like Kolick. 

MVP Bryce Madden of Resolute Dominated the Faceoff X

Sunday AFNS Photos 

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